Madeleine Carter

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Course studied: BSc Psychology
Graduating year: 2014

Madeleine's story

Since I left Bath Spa I’ve worked in a variety of different companies and sectors, including the HR office of a large adult social care provider where I managed a project investigating staff retention and satisfaction, and also City of Bath College where I worked as a Support Worker to students who needed further help with their lessons.

These experiences helped me work out what I wanted from my career, and I decided that I really enjoyed administrative work within a lively company, but that I’d need more experience in order to continue with this. I applied for the graduate internship role within Bath Spa University’s Student Services which gave a wide breadth of experiences within this department. After six months in that role, I applied for a higher admin job involving specialism for exams, which I absolutely love!

"The courses are designed to enable you to apply your knowledge to real world settings."

"My advice for current students is..."

Try to do as much stuff outside of your degree as possible.

Having other things to write about on your job applications besides your degree is... really important, and the more you can do whilst you’re studying, the better! This doesn’t necessarily mean getting a job; I found that I just didn’t have the time to commit to work with set hours. Instead I did lots of University work (e.g. working as an ambassador for Widening Participation and Marketing departments) which I could opt in to when it fitted around my studies.

I also joined lots of extracurricular groups (such as Music Ensembles) and got involved in the community. As a result, I naturally built up contacts and a lot of the work I got straight after my degree was through these.

"I recommend Bath Spa because..."

The courses are designed to enable you to apply your knowledge to real world settings. Although your degree content may not be completely relevant to the work you end up doing afterwards, the skills you acquired definitely will be.

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