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Country of origin: Mexico

Mariana Con spent a semester studying Art and Design at Bath Spa University, as part of her Study Abroad placement from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey. 

Mariana's Bath Spa story

I really enjoyed my time at Bath Spa University and the city of Bath.

I live in the north of Mexico which is pretty hot for most of the year. Bath, on the other hand, has fairly good weather in the winter, and it remains lovely for the rest of the year – there isn't too much sun or rain.

Security is another aspect that I loved about Bath. It's such a peaceful and safe city – but, if you look for noisy corners, you can find them too! While it's a small town and the pubs close early, you can stay up and out the whole night.

I spent the first two months in Home stay Accommodation, and I recommend it if you're only studying at the University for a couple of months. But if you're planning on staying for longer than four months, then look for a house-share with other students, as I did! At first, living alone without a family can be difficult, but it teaches you a lot of things – such as organising yourself and getting along with your housemates. Plus, by living in a house-share, you will make lifelong friends from all over the globe.

My Art course was fantastic. Tutors really coach you to follow the right path – but it's only yours to be made. You can choose whatever materials you want to work with for your projects, but you have to keep yourself organised. All the workshops are there for you, with technicians on hand. The only missing piece in the puzzle is you taking advantage of it all. With so much freedom there, you just need to decide what to do with so many options!

"Security is another aspect that I loved about Bath. It's such a peaceful and safe city - but, if you look for noisy corners, you can find them too!"

Why did you decide to study in the UK at Bath Spa University?

Firstly, the course offer had exactly what I was looking for, (in fact, it ended up being better than I expected). The second most important thing was the opportunity to practice English as a second language -  I'm glad I did it. Thirdly, I wanted to get to know English culture - I  love the BBC, for example.

What is your advice to other students considering studying at Bath Spa University?

The British are very kind and well-mannered. If you are coming from a different country, you will most likely find a lot of differences in the way people talk and relate to each other. So always consider that we have different cultures and be open-minded. If English is not your first language, my advice is that you ask and accept critique and comments about your pronunciation.

Bath is a great city to learn English since people here seem to have a really clear accent, perhaps in comparison with other parts of the UK. I recommend attending the Open Day - current students will give you a tour around the University, and you can ask them directly how the university works and give you an honest opinion on how they have found it.

''The best thing about Bath Spa University...''

Art & Design was studio based, and gives you a good idea on how to keep producing work after you leave the University.

"I recommend Bath Spa University because ... "

If you want to study something related to arts in the UK, Bath Spa University is the right place! You get so much artistic freedom - teachers really push you forward to think and make your own decisions.

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