MaryAnn Tedstone

MaryAnn Tedstone


Personal statement

MaryAnn Tedstone is studying for a PhD in Forensic Musicology, working on ancient Roman musics that might have been.

She is a composer of music for tv and film, having written for companies such as the BBC, Itv, Sky, Channel4, Warner Bros, Nissan, Pepsi and the RSC.

Her research involves recreating the music of the Ancient Roman travelling musician.

Academic qualifications

  • MMus, GTP 

Thesis title

Forensic Musicology: Roman musics that might have been

Research supervisors

Amanda Bayley, and Davey Ray Moor 

Research overview

Down the millennia, much has survived from the classical period. However, songs and popular music have disappeared due to their being oral traditions. Nothing remains. What if we could build a system to approximate the songs and sounds of Ancient Rome?

Using a recipe of forensic, technical, musicological and cultural data, in this project, I propose to inform future soundtracks with a multi-disciplinary research approach fusing anthropology, musicology and contemporary performance. I will then compose a series of original Latinate songs which will culminate in a performance in a Greco-Roman setting.

I shall ask "how can a lost music be deductively and inductively reconstituted through surviving evidential sources?" and "How might we infer ancient lyrical song content from contemporary anthropological and historical clues?"

A methodology framework will be constructed for exploring not only Greco-Roman music, but potentially also the music of other ancient civilisations.

How can we advance our sense of Greco-Roman popular music for contemporary audiences? Ancient Rome, the cradle of Western civilisation is perennially being re-invented and re-imagined in the simulacra of media and cinema.

Research interests

Ancient Greco Roman music, pre 300AD.

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