Matt Davies

 Student/Alumni profile 

Course studied: BSc (Hons) Geography
Graduating year: 2008

"The setting of the Newton Park campus is second to none - it has a rural feel, with only a short journey to Bath centre. I also found that lectures and supporting seminars were of a size that allowed students to get to know each other."

Why did you choose Bath Spa?

I attended an open day and what stood out was the highly personable nature of the staff. This gave me confidence that support in my studies would be there should I need it, and that I was not just another statistic (as I felt would be the case at some other institutions!).

Why did you choose to study Geography at Bath Spa?

Geography was a subject I had enjoyed and performed well at during A-Level and, having not made a decision on my career destination, I considered it would provide a range of opportunities following graduation. The course itself was attractive in its breadth of topics, offering the opportunity to focus on either physical or human geography modules, or a combination.

"One of the most important elements of the course was the development of transferable skills that I now use on a daily basis and I think employers look for when reviewing candidates."

What was the best thing about your course?

The quality of the teaching. Lecturers actively engaged with students throughout, and we were encouraged to engage with subject matter in a considered and open way.

What have you done since finishing the course?

I developed an interest in sustainable transport issues during my course and obtained a related role with Wiltshire Council, where I worked for three years. I then undertook an MSc course in Transport Planning, after which I joined the private sector, working as a Transport Planner in the development planning sector for last five years.

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