Megan Hinton

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Course studied: BA (Hons) Education Studies
Graduating year: 2018

Megan is an undergraduate student, studying Education Studies and is hoping to do a PGCE after her degree is finished. She also has a very keen interest in Dyslexia and Special Educational Needs.

"I have never been somewhere before where everybody is included and welcomed."

Megan's Bath Spa story

There have been some particular classes I've found really interesting – Laura Green's Childhood Narrative class in the first year gave me a chance to explore childhood in a way that I had never considered before.

Another class I'd really recommend was in my second year – Darren Garside's Values, Philosophy and Education class. This class really helped me consider what I was writing, if I was explaining it right, and if it was relevant to the assignment. I found both of these tutors to be incredibly understanding, and have found myself turning to both of them for advice.

This experience really helped me consider what I wanted to do – I knew I wanted to help educate children, but I hadn't considered many of the aspects that have been presented to me in the past two years.

Why did you choose Bath Spa University?

Because it was the one place I visited that felt like home.

''The best thing about the course...''

There are a wide range of modules available that could fit the needs of many. You have the opportunity to expand your interests and to possibly specialise in a new interest.  

''I recommend Bath Spa because...''

I have never been somewhere before where everybody is included and welcomed. Bath Spa University gives everybody the chance to get involved in whatever they want, and feel comfortable with.

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