Miles Kitchener

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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

During the early years of his life, Miles lived by the sea with his family at a boarding kennels and animal sanctuary establishment, surrounded by numerous animals, especially dogs and cats but also other (sometimes exotic) creatures. Since then heʼs had a curiously varied career including teaching in higher education, labouring on gardens and small-holdings and farms, software engineering, and working in industry.

About Dogs. Home.

This is Mongrelʼs story. Street-wise and survival-focussed, sheʼs an outsider.

By choice.

But also because she isnʼt a breed dog.

All the dogs at the Rescue Kennels are keen to escape now that thereʼs a new owner – a vicious human (ʻBig-bootʼ) who is selling the dogs for illegal trades. When a new dog, Sam, a naïve young Staffie, arrives, the boss dog, Jack, sees the opportunity to use her muscles. And the ever opportunistic Mongrel gate-crashes the daring break-out and follows on the tails of Sam and Jack and Jackʼs two minders, witless George and arrogant Geraldine.

But, then, how to survive in open countryside? Alone? Or with the others as a pack? As the only non-breed dog, which of the others can Mongrel trust? Or should she trust only herself? And how to reach a place of safety before Big-boot catches up with them?

Itʼs a journey that challenges the elemental canine instincts of Mongrel at every twist and turn, from her snout to the tip of her tail.

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