Rachael Hammond

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Course studied: BA (Hons) Dance with Psychology
Graduating year: 2016

Rachael Hammond is a Bath Spa Dance with Psychology graduate. She has gained experience working in Belgium in sports teaching and dance performance, and continues to work on and expand her portfolio.

Rachael's Bath Spa story

My undergraduate experience taught me a range of personal and academic skills from essay writing to discussions, presentations, performance and leadership. The university has a huge range of opportunities through participation in societies or offering student support. I was able to become a student ambassador and was given the opportunity to promote the university at Move It, a dance event in London. The location of the university in Bath has close connections to Bristol, with an easy bus service, to which provides a huge hub of creativity, culture, nightlife and shopping.

Taking a combined degree enabled me to study two areas of interest over one and the university offered a great deal of flexibility in terms of the modules I wished to take. The dance teaching staff brought about confidence in my performance abilities and were very encouraging and supportive throughout the three years of my study. They offered a very successful balance of theoretical and practical workshops and also gave me an opportunity to work as a student representative. My duties were to attend meetings and express any student concerns within the year group, with the concerns being addressed in a very short space of time.

Overall, I received a huge amount of individual encouragement from lecturers in both psychology and dance and the ongoing support, especially from Michelle Elliott, is outstanding to say the least. I have been able to learn and develop my skills to which I can, with confidence, take and build upon in the professional working environment.

"Taking a combined degree enabled me to study two areas of interest over one and the university offered a great deal of flexibility in terms of the modules I wished to take."

''I chose Bath Spa University because ...''

I chose Bath Spa University because it offered me a diverse course, allowing me to partake in modules which suited my interest in both dance and psychology. The university has a strong creative outlook and supported diversity and individuality. It is in a beautiful location with easy access and offers a great deal of resources as well as career support and support for further studies.

''The best thing about the course I studied was ...''

The best thing about the course was the freedom I had in choosing modules that suited my needs. I was able to chose modules within my combined degree that supported my areas of interest and I could explore both practical and theoretical areas of study.

''I recommend Bath Spa because ...''

I recommend Bath Spa because it is a hub of artistic creativity. It encourages individuality and supports students during and after studies in a multitude of ways. Each course is diverse and flexible and provides opportunity for students to engage with professionals and make vital connections.

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