Skylar Kreston

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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

Skylar believes in magic and monsters, and writes about both. While not writing, she can be found on horseback, making art, or not at all because she is too busy traveling the world. She likes miniature things and would work in stop motion animation if books ceased to exist. She usually writes YA magical realism.

Originally from Delaware, a small state nobody has heard of in America, Skylar completed her BFA in Writing at Ithaca College, on a mountain in Upstate New York. She moved to Bath, England to complete her MA. The Voodoo Queen’s Vial is Skylar’s first novel.

About The Voodoo Queen’s Vial

Evelyn Glapion comes from a long line of powerful Voodoo Queens. New Orleans is her home and she wouldn’t trade it for the world. After a mysterious tragedy, Evelyn finds an odd vial of luminescent powder. Something that has belonged to many ill-fated Voodoo Queens of the past.

Aurora Kalinsky has moved around a lot recently. Now she’s staying with her aunt in New Orleans and wondering how long it will last. Aurora is out horseback riding when she sees something terrifying. A horrible creature she’s seen before, the one that killed her mom.

The two girls meet in a twist of fate and realize they are linked by a curse that has affected their families for over 200 years. They must channel a common strength and connection to save New Orleans from corrupted, vicious beasts. Can they save themselves and the city in time?

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