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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

A believer in science and magic, Sally spent twenty years as an engineer making jet engines, diamonds and recreating the sun. This taught her that failure is just a stumble on the road to success. It proved a valuable lesson as she’s spent the last decade doing something even more challenging – trying to become a writer. She’s learnt from two novels that went nowhere and is optimistic about her third.

Sally lives in Reading – which makes sense given the number of books she owns. Her spare time is spent being an inappropriate auntie, and searching for the perfect wine terrace, but rarely at the same time.

Sally Pardieu won the United Agents Prize for the most promising writing for young people.

About Death Moves in Next Door

The Grim Reaper has relocated to 36 Lavender Close…

And the last thing Duncan needs is Death moving into his neighbour’s Airbnb. He’s only seventeen and is already dealing with a mum with cancer, bailiffs at the door and a bunch of mates whose good intentions keep kicking him in the nuts.

To grant his mum’s dying wish, Duncan decides to fight back. He finds help from all the strangest people and he’s going to need every one of them. It turns out there are worse things in life than Death… especially her brothers.

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