Srisongruk Prohmvitak

Srisongruk Prohmvitak


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Course studied: MA Business and Management Marketing
Graduating year: 2016
Country of Origin: Thailand

Tap Srisongruk Prohmvitak is a postgraduate student from Thailand.  She studied business management marketing and is interested in various marketing strategies and business planning.

Srisongruk's Bath Spa story

I am Tap from Bangkok, Thailand.  I have always wanted to study abroad because I love to live abroad, experience a completely different lifestyle and face new challenges.  My decision to study in the UK is one of the most important decision in my life.  I chose to study in Bath because I have heard that Bath is one of the most beautiful city in England, people who live in this city are mostly British and the traditional atmosphere of England still remains here in Bath.  Once I arrived, it appears that people's words about Bath are true because I felt as if I have stepped back in time.  

The architecture of Bath is stunning and lovely.  I have come to love Bath everyday.  Moreover, Bath Spa University is the prettiest campus I have ever seen in my life.  Though it might be common to many people but I am amazed by sheep, cows and swans.  This is the first time in my life to live on campus that is abundant by nature and I can actually walk to the lake to see swans whenever I want to.  I find this campus a perfect place for students to study because it is calm, peaceful and the landscape is breathtaking.

 The best part of my postgraduate experience is an opportunity to study at Corsham Court.  I have never believed that such a place exists.  I find it hard to believe that I study in a campus with peacocks.  To me, the overall feeling of Corsham Court is just like a fairy tale.  I can imagine the prince, the princess and the white horse.  Its an extraordinary experience to study business and marketing in such a magical place.

Apart from school, I love the city of Bath.  Bath have got a unique, traditional and homely feeling.  Its as if time can't change Bath.  Though I am far from home but it feels like home. The best event in Bath was Christmas.  This is my first time ever to experience Christmas because Christmas is not celebrated in Thailand.  In short, this year as a postgraduate student was so amazing for me.  

Many situations that I have countered are good and I can't believe that it's true.  I have never thought that I will meet a lifetime friend here too.  I am glad to get to know all of them and have them in my life.  Now, I am already back in Bangkok but I can remember Bath and I can flashback every situation there very well.  It was a once in a lifetime moment for me and it was extremely memorable.  If the opportunity arise, I will definitely visit Bath and Bath Spa University again.

"To me, the overall feeling of Corsham Court is just like a fairy tale. I can imagine the prince, the princess and the white horse. Its an extraordinary experience to study business and marketing in such a magical place."

Why did you choose Bath Spa University?

I have heard of the beauty of the City of Bath and that led me to Bath Spa University. Once I arrived, Bath Spa University appeared to be as stunning as the beauty of the city that it is situated in. It is a perfect combination.

Your masters experience...

My experience as a postgraduate student in Bath at Bath Spa University was amazing.  Everything was perfect.

Why did you decide to study in the UK at Bath Spa University?

I wanted to see Big Ben and study the business course that I wanted in the city that I wanted to live in, which is Bath.

What is your advice to other international students considering studying at Bath Spa University?

No need for any second thoughts, just come to Bath Spa University.

''My advice for current students is ...''

Profit from every single moment, every class, every conversation with teachers and classmate, every facility (studios, rehearsal rooms, library, the student union, the walks by the lake,...). Get out of bed and get the most out of it! Be responsible and perserverant.

''The best thing about my course ...''

It's a privilege to study with passionate lecturers who are experts in the field.

''I recommend Bath Spa because ...''

Bath is a romantic city and Bath Spa University's campus is absolutely stunning. I love Bath Spa University's campus and swans.


Postgraduate Overseas Scholarship.

Qualifications, experience and achievements

  • Master of Arts in Business and Management (Marketing), Bath Spa University
  • MIT Scholarship Student at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (International Business), Mahidol University International College, Thailand
  • Former Assistant to CEO at Double A International Network, Thailand.

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