Steve Mellen

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Course studied: MA Creative Writing
Graduating year: 2020


Steve has been a journalist for 24 years, firstly in newspapers and now at the BBC. He’s probably written thousands of stories, but it’s only now that he’s dedicated the time to work on one that is purely his own.

His first novel, Ask the Ghosts, considers whether we should do something just because technology or science allows us to. When the idea first came to Steve he dismissed it as far-fetched but events on both sides of the Atlantic in 2016 meant the plot of Ask the Ghosts, for which he earned a distinction at Bath Spa University, suddenly didn’t seem so crazy.


Every few decades, crime investigation takes a giant leap forward, from fingerprinting to DNA profiling. Now there’s Mirax, a drug that brings the recently deceased back for a few minutes in a process called ‘resurfacing’. One man who has made good use of Mirax is DCI Cormac Richards, reviving murder victims to discover who killed them. Cormac plans to retire and take his sick daughter out of an increasingly polluted London. But the capital’s crimes have one more requirement of him: he is approached to look into the case of a young missing woman, and the more he discovers about her fate, the more questions arise about Solas, the manufacturers of Mirax.

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