Tommy Roberts

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Course studied: BA (Hons) Acting
Graduating year: 2016

Tommy achieved a first class honours degree in Acting. He worked with the David Glass Ensemble ("Bleak House", 2017), was in the pilot production for Black Dog Productions ("Howl", 2016 and 2017) and has received glowing feedback from the HQ of the Pauline Quirke Academy as Doncaster's Comedy and Drama tutor.

"I want to thank all the staff for convincing me to have faith in myself, for providing me with all the skills I need, and moulding me into everything I am as a performer today."

"What are you most proud of?..."

I am most proud of being cast in the David Glass Ensemble production of "Bleak House". It was an experience I will never forget and an opportunity granted to me by the Acting staff at Bath Spa University. The rehearsal process was electric, constantly learning new skills and exploring a style of theatre I've never worked with before. I also had a chance to work with an eclectic mix of trained professional, new graduates and a world renowned director.

"How did the course support your steps into the industry?..."

Throughout the BA Acting course, you are constantly encouraged to juggle many different skills and modules, which is one of the biggest challenges, and time management is essential to succeed both in this course and in the industry.

You are also introduced to many different aspects of the performing arts, not just in performance, but how to make your own work, the different elements required to run and create your own company, and the ever important skill of thriving on your own initiative.

These are tools you need to adapt to this ever-changing monster that is the arts! And I feel I have been fully equipped with them thanks to this course.

"The friendships I have made will last a lifetime, and that goes for the tutors as well as my peers."

''Why did you choose the BA Acting course at Bath Spa?...''

Apart from the initial reason of the beautiful location, this course provides intense drama school education at a University. Coming from a working class background, I was very lucky to find such a course that has training from industry professionals (all of whom are still active members of the industry), at the cost of a University course.

The audition process alone gave me a spark of excitement, showcasing the many creative routes you can take on the course, and the constant buzz of creativity and enthusiasm in the air made this course my only choice!

''The best thing about the course...''

The course is constantly changing and adapting to the industry, meaning the training I received was current, detailed, and transformed me into an adaptable performer. As the tutors are still in the industry themselves, they too are constantly learning and developing their practice. Believe me when I say, the staff know their craft through-and-through. They are approachable, helpful and become colleagues as well as friends, ready to guide you into the industry.

''I recommend Bath Spa because of its...''

The course focuses on many aspects of performance, taking the skills of movement, voice and comedy, among many others, and layering them to develop you into an all-round actor. The staff are constantly at your side, guiding you in the right direction while giving you the space to grow into your own style of performer, and providing a safe environment to try these new skills. They also make sure you're industry ready, while also encouraging you to create your own work.

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