Yarrow Townsend

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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

Yarrow spent most of her childhood in the woods, pretending to be characters from books. She especially liked the ones where children had to survive on their own. In 2009, she went to Oxford to study English and French Literature, where she discovered that the Botanic Garden was the perfect place to revise for exams. After university, she became an English teacher. Yarrow now works for the RSPB in the New Forest, helping people find secret paths through the woods, and fulfilling her lifelong dream of learning to use a chainsaw. She also writes poetry, most recently published in the SO:Write Women’s Anthology.

Yarrow is represented by Jenny Savill at Andrew Nurnberg Associates Ltd.

About The Wild River

Twelve-year-old Orla can talk to plants. Since Ma died of the River Sickness, they’ve been her only friends in the grim village of Black Creek. When Orla is kidnapped by Haulers on their way up the Wild River, she discovers she’s not the only child with uncanny powers. The Haulers are searching for a powerful mineral called Pitchstone, and they’ve stolen three children who can help them navigate the wild: Idris, who speaks to the water; Ariana, who talks to the birds; and Orla, who wants nothing more than to return home. But when she discovers the truth about Pitchstone, Orla realises the whole forest is in danger. She must overcome her fear of the river, and gain the trust of the other children, if she’s going to keep the plants safe.

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