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Giving teachers, students and all educators easy access to education research, policy and comment online.

The British Educational Research Tool integrating Engagement (BERTiE) is a platform developed by the School of Education at Bath Spa in light of government priorities regarding professional development identified in both the DfE consultation ‘A World Class Teaching Profession’ (March 2015) and the government education white paper ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’ (March 2016).

We have responded to this call to support teachers’ practice and enhance their knowledge by building this online platform which allows easy access to evidence-based education research and facilitates opportunities for knowledge transfer afforded by online and mobile technologies.

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How does it work?

BERTiE is a web-crawler that works much like Google in that it searches the web. What makes BERTiE different to most web-crawlers is that it is built to only search pre-defined websites that have been curated through academic moderation.

What are the benefits of BERTiE?

Current and future teachers and students will benefit from having access to education research, policy and informed comment while being confident that their search results have assured academic rigour that has been guaranteed through the curation process.

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