Critical consumers – Bath Spa University

This workshop aims to help teachers become ‘critical consumers’ of ideas about the brain and learning

The 'critical consumer' workshop is intended as a 90 minute workshop for a group of 20-30 trainee teachers. 

  1. Main workshop presentation (Powerpoint)
  2. Version for trainees (Powerpoint)

The workshop has two parts, which are outlined below. 

Mock experiment

First the trainees will take part in a (mock) cognitive psychology experiment that raises questions about the ‘seductive allure’ of neuroscience-based claims. It will also give trainees an example of the kinds of research methods used in cognitive psychology.

For this section, you will need to provide students with handouts of stimulus sheets, as well as use a spreadsheet for in-class data collection. Further details on how to use these can be found in the tutor notes. 

Classroom-based group work

Secondly, the trainees will be invited to consider the validity of some claims they might encounter during school placements. A group of trainees can be allocated each claim to explore and feedback with accessible resources such as articles provided.

This section challenges prevalent neuromyths and  introduces some current thinking about the brain and learning while helping trainees learn key strategies in critical reading of claims, such as checking whether the claims have been trialled in classrooms as well as tested in laboratories.  

For this section, students will need to access the following online resources. In order to access these resources in class, students will need to bring an internet enabled device, such as a laptop or tablet. 

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