Past events

Our public engagement work showcases a variety of dynamic and interactive events, from lectures and workshops, to live performances and exhibitions.

Below are some examples of the depth and breadth of public engagement works which our staff have been involved in at Bath Spa. Get in touch if you'd like to know more, or if you'd like your organisation to get involved. 

Make A Little Book – children’s workshop

The Little Book workshops, organised by Laura Little, Senior Lecturer in Publishing, encourage creativity in drawing, writing and making books. Inspired by her own work and research on artist books, Laura takes her workshops along to local festivals, where she goes through simple book-making processes, encouraging children to build narratives of their own.

Rising – theatre for social change

Helena Enright, Lecturer in Drama, has taught and facilitated a wide variety of outreach, community and school projects, both in Ireland and the UK.

Her 2016 project, Rising, was a piece of documentary theatre created in collaboration with Dublin Youth Theatre. Inspired by the 100 year anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, Enright said the play responded "to the idea of 1916 and a 'young person's revolution'." The play was performed for five nights at the Peacock Studio in The Abbey – Ireland’s national theatre in Dublin – and was attended by over four hundred members of the local public.

Love Letters – a performance project

Yiota Demetriou, Lecturer in Performance Studies, is a live art practitioner and academic. Her ongoing performance project, Love Letters, involves sharing private memories, exhibiting public histories, and uses audience participation and the act of storytelling.

iMigration – a sculptural installation

As part of the 2017 city-wide Forest of Imagination Festival, Bath Spa Senior Lecturer Anthony Head filled Bath Abbey with hundreds of colourful paper butterflies.

iMigration, a large-scale sculpture spanning five metres, was suspended 10m high in the Abbey’s South Transept. Designed to spark consideration of the individuality of migrants, each butterfly within the swarm is unique, with colours and patterns designed using computer coding influenced by the mathematics of nature.

Shextreme Film Festival

Dr Ruth Farrar is a sound artist and film maker. Her research, and her desire to connect the public to it, led her to create the world’s first film festival for women in extreme sports and adventure.

Find out more about Shextreme Film Festival via the website.

We Make Stuff – a series of events by Bath Spa’s media research community

We Make Stuff is about exposing a diverse set of research and providing a space for networking and collaboration. Including talks, book readings, games, VR projects, film screenings and digital media artefacts, We Make Stuff events have been a popular enterprise since their inauguration in March 2017.

Science at the Seaside

The idea behind Science at the Seaside was to increase public awareness of the rich history of nineteenth-century literary and scientific writing about the North Devon coast.

The project, led by Dr Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi (Bath Spa) and Professor John Plunkett (Exeter University), collaborated with local communities and culminated in an exhibition at Ilfracombe Museum. Read more about Kyriaki and John’s experience from the project.

Illuminate Bath projected artworks

Anthony Head is a practicing artist and interactive designer. His research has inspired him to set up Illuminate, of which he is creative director.

This multidisciplinary projection and light event has run for three years in Bath and provides onlookers with projection based artworks. Illuminate 2015 featured international artists, UK artists and students, and involved eight artworks, including one dance piece.

The Drawing Network – promoting engagement with drawing

The Drawing Network is an extension of Anita Taylor’s public-facing centre, The Drawing Project, based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

The Network aims to establish audiences interested in the activity of drawing as a means of creative practice, thinking and communication. It was launched in December 2017 as part of Explore Art Trowbridge, and hosted a drawing discussion as well as two drawing sessions (one for adults and one for children).

Refugee Stories

Sarah Hackett researches Europe’s immigration history, with a particular focus on Muslim migration and integration in 20th century Britain. One of her many public-facing projects involved providing opportunities to learn about and engage with refugees and their stories and experiences.

As part of Sarah’s research focusing more specifically on Muslim migration and integration in the county of Wiltshire, Sarah has spoken at events organised by Wiltshire County Council’s Black & Minority Ethnic Staff Network, the West Wiltshire Multi-Faith Forum, and the Swindon Turkish Community Centre.


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