What We Do

What exactly goes on inside universities? What innovative research studies are taking place, and what do the findings really mean?

For us at Bath Spa, public engagement is a way of connecting our research with the non-academic world. We have a diverse and exciting research community and our academic staff have projects stretching across a multitude of topics. From media to creative writing, psychology to video games – there’s something to interest everyone. 

Through public engagement, we aim to make sure community groups, local people, schools, and more can learn from and enrich our research. To do this, our staff use their research findings to create a plethora of public engagement events: from lectures, exhibitions, walking tours, performances, and round table discussions, to workshops, art projects, festivals, and much more.

We’d like as many members of the public as possible to join us in exploring research from new perspectives and angles. So if you’d like any additional information, or to attend a lecture, meet the professors, or perhaps learn a new skill, check out our Events to see what’s coming up!

Get in touch

If you’re a local organisation or group that would like to work with our researchers on a new collaborative project, email us at publicengagement@bathspa.ac.uk.

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