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Routledge Advances in Transmedia Studies – Bath Spa University

This Routledge book series publishes monographs and edited collections that sit at the cutting-edge of today’s interdisciplinary cross-platform media landscape.

Series editor: Matthew Freeman

We are inviting proposals for consideration for the Routledge Advances book series in Transmedia Studies. Topics should consider emerging transmedia applications in and across industries, cultures, arts, practices, or research methodologies.

The series is especially interested in research exploring the future possibilities of an interconnected media landscape that looks beyond the field of media studies, notably broadening to include socio-political contexts, education, experience design, mixed-reality, journalism, the proliferation of screens, as well as art- and writing-based dimensions to do with the role of digital platforms like VR, apps and iDocs to tell new stories and express new ideas across multiple platforms in ways that join up with the social world.

Call for proposals

Topics or themes to consider
  • New approaches to transmedia studies in diverse industrial and disciplinary contexts, e.g. transmedia photography, transmedia documentary, transmedia heritage, transmedia identity, transmedia education
  • New approaches to transmedia cultures and non-commercial applications of transmediality around the world, e.g. transmedia for social change
  • New approaches to transmedia arts and writing practices beyond the field of media studies
  • New approaches to transmedia experiential technologies, e.g. virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile platforms, and apps.
More specific questions of interest
  • What are the creative or artistic possibilities for transmediality as a concept and practice, particularly in the context of emerging technologies?
  • How do different industries approach the practice of transmediality, and how do we account for local manifestations of transmediality across sectors?
  • What are the social consequences and dimensions of transmediality, e.g. how has the normalization of digital and cross-platform circulation and interaction affected social life and power relations in society?
  • What are the more diverse values of the 'transmedia' term across different disciplines, e.g. what can approaches from participatory theatre or psychology contribute to understandings of transmediality?
  • What new research methodologies should be adapted to transmedia studies, e.g. how can combined practical and theoretical approaches be applied to particular lines of cross-platform research?

Submit a proposal

Please send initial expressions of interest in proposing a title for this series to Matthew Freeman (

Following this, authors/editors with proposals meeting the aims and scope for the series will be invited to submit full proposals to Routledge.

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