Consultancy services

Scientific expertise and cutting edge technologies for successful client projects

HRD Research Group comprises a dynamic, experienced and accessible team of scientists, social-scientists and technologists.

We have professional recognition via chartership awarding bodies such as the Geological Society and the RGS-IBG. We are able to deliver a robust breadth and depth of expertise to all applied research and client applications. 

Our key attributes

Data capture and analysis

We are skilled in the capture and analysis of environmental system data, using geomorphological, remote sensing, and modern survey tools such as TLS (Terrestrial Laser Scanning), dGPS, Total Station, and UAV. In this work, we always adopt best-practice methodologies.


We are skilled and highly trained in the use of GIS for data management and analysis. 

Strong working partnerships

The HRD has a network of strong working relationships with public and private sector organisations, and we frequently work alongside consultancy partners.

Innovative research findings

We utilise innovative research findings to deliver societal impact, and can translate our research to adapt to both public and specialist audiences.

Dynamic teaching provision

We are proud of our ability to integrate our research findings and professional relationships into our Higher Education teaching provision (for example, on our Geography and Global Development and Sustainability courses).

Provide specialist focus

We are able to demonstrate a specialist focus and track record in the investigation of mountain, river, coastal and urban environments, as well as within archaeological contexts.

Demonstrate project value

Our HRD team can add significant value to your projects, enabling you to prioritise management actions, which can reduce long term project and asset functioning and maintenance costs.

We can also ensure that your project meets legislative requirements, and we are always happy to assist you in reaching your sustainability goals.

Effective project management

We are proud of our consistent ability to deliver our projects to time, budget and scope.

Subject contacts

Applied Geomorphology (fluvial, hillslope, upland, mountain)

Archaeological, Quaternary science and heritage applications

Climate change adaptation strategies, sustainable development and public engagement 

Critical approaches to disaster/climate change vulnerability and environmental/climate justice

Geospatial technologies and survey platforms

Radon testing and measurement

Further information

More information regarding Bath Spa's consultancy and commissioning can be found on our Access our Expertise pages

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