MA Degree Show

The Bath School of Art and Design MA degree and interim shows featured an outstanding array of artworks from across multiple disciplines.

MA Degree Show 

Sion Hill and Dartmouth Avenue

Bath School of Art and Design's MA Degree and interim shows are a yearly event that feature the creative achievements of students in the five courses of Fine Art, Curatorial Practice, Ceramics, Fashion and Textiles and Visual Communication.

Please note, admission is always free to all at both exhibition sites. 

From course leader Dr Andrea Medjesi-Jones:

The MA Fine Art programme is led through practice and gives students, as emerging artists, ways of becoming professional and adept. The aim is to re-establish and develop individual practices that are cross-disciplinary, independent, and open to collective or collaborative engagement. 

In a separate interim exhibition, part time students in their first year presented their work at the midway point of their Fine Art programme - on display at our Dartmouth Avenue location.

From course leader Ben Parry

MA Curatorial Practice combines theory, history and discussion of current practice with live projects in public contexts. Students approach a wide range of curatorial strategies - from process-based and participatory models of exhibition making to the practice of curating - as the basis for interdisciplinary research that connects art with other fields.

From course leader Dr Conor Wilson

Clay is the pauper-prince of materials. Clay is the Chameleon Queen. Clay is direct and sensual, technical and highly demanding. Each of our students has found their own unique approach to engaging with the material. A bumper crop of talented and committed new ceramicists matures this year – don’t miss them.

From course leader Tim Parry-Williams:

MA Design: Fashion and Textiles aims to nurture ambitious and visionary minds, encouraging development and extension of existing knowledge and understanding, embracing of new technologies and craft applications, deep investigation into materials and process, and challenging of ideas and traditions in the pursuance of a unique practice and identity.

From course leader Andrew Southall:

MA Visual Communication is a practical master’s course for specialist photographers, illustrators and graphic designers, working collaboratively as well as independently. This year's students come from China, India, Nepal, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Italy, Greece, Germany, France and the UK.

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