Liberal Arts

College of liberal arts

The College of Liberal Arts brings together a wide variety of subjects across four fields: Bath Business School, Culture and Environment, Bath School of Music and Performing Arts, and the School of Creative Industries

What are the liberal arts?


The College of Liberal Arts brings together a wide variety of subjects from the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences. The College consists of four fields: Bath Business School, Culture and Environment, Music and Performance and Writing, Film and Digital Creativity. You may find yourself working across more than one of these fields.

Our staff includes internationally renowned professors and lecturers who will work with you in lectures, workshops, seminars and tutorials, and professional services staff including technical demonstrators, technicians and administrators who will be on hand to enable you and your studies.

Want to enrich your learning and overall student experience? We encourage collaboration, critical thinking, creative curiosity, dialogue and debate. Studying within the College of Liberal Arts, you won't be limited to your chosen subject. You'll also have opportunities to work with and alongside students from other disciplines.

Bath Business School

Bath Business School offers courses and pathways for driven individuals with business brains. You'll find that we highly regard creativity and enterprise, as well as recognising the importance of being entrepreneurial.

You'll benefit from being taught by staff who have industry experience in addition to academic expertise.

During your studies, you'll have opportunities to gain work experience and to develop international professional networks. The pathway structure of our Business and Management degree puts you in control, by providing you with a range of coherent themes of specialisation. Alternatively, you can elect to pursue a more general programme of study, including interdisciplinary modules.

Culture and Environment

Become part of an environmentally and ethically-aware community of staff and students. We're socially engaged and globally connected. The field of Culture and Environment delivers a wide portfolio of courses including: Biology, Criminology, English Literature, Environmental Science, Food with Nutrition, Geography, Global Development and Sustainability, Heritage, History, Human Nutrition, Philosophy and Ethics, Psychology, Sociology and Study of Religions.

This mix of disciplines, along with others in the College of Liberal Arts, provides you with choice and flexibility in your studies. You can specialise or study a mix of subjects to suit your particular interests.

We'll equip you for life after university, as research and professional practice are core parts of all of our courses.

Bath School of Music and Performing Arts

We bring together composers, performers, designers, managers, technicians, singers, instrumentalists, dancers, theatre producers and those who want to study any and all of this. All of our programmes combine inspirational teaching with world-leading research and professional practice.

The tutors on our courses are practitioners and they teach you to the highest professional standards.

We aim to transform your lives, to enable you become socially-engaged global citizens and the next generation of artists.

Our vision draws on regional, national and international networks and by the end of your time at Bath Spa University, you'll be a part of those networks.

School of Creative Industries

Our students and staff are not limited by the boundaries of one subject area.

The School of Creative Industries comprises programmes that are characterised by their potential for creative collaboration.

We play a pivotal role in the dissemination of innovatory ways of designing and delivering academic programmes while working with students in novel ways.

Bringing together subjects including Film and TV Production, Media Communications, Creative Media Practice, Creative Computing, Publishing, Creative Music Technology and Creative Writing, we recognise the huge potential of new technologies to transform and reconfigure academic life, disrupt disciplinary boundaries and challenge traditional modes of teaching and learning.

Students benefit from superb facilities and highly qualified and supportive staff.

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