Arts and Social Change

The Arts and Social Change (ASC) Research Group brings together researchers across the College of Liberal Arts whose work engages with issues of social justice and the facilitation of social intervention and change through the arts.

The group sits within the university’s Transnational Creativity and Education Research Centre. Its members draw on interdisciplinary approaches to making visible, interrogating and mapping societal structures of power and oppression, and to engaging ethically and efficaciously with marginalised individuals, groups, identities, bodies and voices.

Members develop and respond to research themes including resilience, cultural heritage and humour; with methodologies including participatory action research and critical ethnography; and with provocations including the roles and risks of instrumentalism and efficacy.


If you would like to be added to the membership list for the ASC Research Group and/or to be kept updated with group activities, please contact the group’s academic lead Dr Laura Purcell-Gates at l.purcell-gates@bathspa.ac.uk.

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