Tetris Wall of Creativity

A series of training and networking designed to support emerging creatives in the Bath and Bristol region.

Based on a partnership with PAPER Arts, the Tetris Wall of Creativity is an interactive R&D training and networking series aimed at the emerging generation of local creative thinkers and practitioners. It aims to define the new creative ecology by characterising the concepts, skills and practices of creativity needed to succeed in and across today's highly competitive creative sectors. Supporting up and coming visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, social entrepreneurs, copywriters, publishers, and so on, it also works as a design platform for mapping, harnessing and impacting new modes of creativity.

“We aim to build a vision of what today’s creative ecology – its concepts, skills, practices and challenges – looks like.”

The digitised, interconnected and deeply collaborative nature of today’s creative landscape means that it is more crucial than ever that emerging creatives are not isolated entrepreneurs but instead part of a dynamic network of talent, be it content producers, academics, artists, clients and commissioners. Understanding what creativity really means across such networks and how best to apply collaborative skills of creativity is a continual challenge.

In response, the Tetris Wall of Creativity training events, each held at Redbrick House in Bristol, engage young creative people and revolve around multiple strands, each of which aim to define and characterise different concepts, skills and practices of today's creative ecology. We aim to build a vision of what today’s creative ecology – its concepts, skills, practices and challenges – looks like as an imagined Tetris Wall of Creativity, a tool that can essentially visualise and map creativity and be taught to the region's aspiring creatives.

Inaugural Workshop

Inaugural Workshop: Tuesday 12th September 2017

Redbrick House Training Space

Mixing short talks from Bath Spa colleagues and Paper Arts members with workshop activities and discussions, this half-day workshop places an emphasis on defining and harnessing different modes of creativity according to the challenges of the contemporary creative sector. Such questions that event will explore include:

  • How do we define creativity and measure success in a collaborative creative ecology?
  • What does creativity look like? What do the adjoining blocks of the creative ecology represent in the context of each sector?
  • How could the Tetris Wall of Creativity work as a tool for measuring future creative success?


1.00 Arrive

1.15 Introduction to Programme and Outline: Matthew Freeman (Bath Spa University)

1.30 Panel: ‘What Does Creativity Mean To Me?’

1.30 Ruth Farrar (Bath Spa University): ‘Creative as Film, Sound and Enterprise’

1.45 Aidy Brookes (Redbrick House): ‘Creativity as Art and Photography

2.00 Caroline Harris (Bath Spa University): ‘Creativity as Publishing, Journalism and Poetry’

2.15 Grace Kress (Redbrick House): ‘Creativity as Graphic Design and Illustration’

2.45 Tea Break

3.00 Inspiring Action: Introduction to Approaching Creativity (Simone Kidner)

3.15 Workshop: Developing the Tetris Wall of Creativity Tool

4.15 Feedback and Reflection

4.30 End of Day

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