HRD earth scientists, technologists, social scientists and creative practitioners work alongside societal partners to enable better understanding of hazard processes and challenges.

HRD members span a wide range of complementary earth and social science sub-disciplines. We are engaged in research that both raises visibility, as well as articulates and challenges the complex problems afflicting society and environment.

Our research foci include:

  • Flood event histories, dynamics, impacts and responses in urban and mountain settings
  • Upland sediment system hazard dynamics
  • Climate change, variability and adaptation
  • The diverse field of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), particularly in regard to the Indian Himalaya and Tamil Nadu (Southern India)

Our approaches seek the dissemination of knowledge and delivery of impact by:

  • Embracing a spectrum of disciplinary to interdisciplinary methods
  • Encouraging public engagement
  • Promoting collaboration with industrial partners (in research and consultancy) to achieve knowledge of value to society.

We apply new-cutting edge technologies in the capture and analysis of data (e.g. terrestrial laser scanning and UAVs), across a range of process environments, societal settings, and heritage assets.

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