History and Heritage Research

History and Heritage is a thriving research community whose members pursue scholarly and practice-based research on a broad range of topics, periods and regions.

About us

Our mission

Our research is underpinned by a number of strong, coherent themes and by a commitment to addressing contemporary as well as historic issues.

We are particularly interested in the relationships between the local, national and international spheres, and how they offer a way of understanding an increasingly globalised and interconnected world.

Our academic staff and doctoral researchers foster a stimulating research community by:

  • Pursuing exciting and pioneering research that addresses contemporary as well as historic issues
  • Initiating and securing external funding for major research projects
  • Forming strong relationships with cultural partners, including museums, heritage organisations, and charities
  • Providing students with exciting placements and work experience opportunities
  • Communicating research findings to local, national and international audiences 
  • Engaging with the wider public by organising public-facing lectures, seminars and conferences
  • Presenting research to fellow staff members and students in regular research seminars
  • Training the next generation of researchers by offering a variety of postgraduate and doctoral programmes.

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