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Children flourish at Oak Tree Day Nursery.

Our highly trained and skilled nursery practitioners and stimulating environment supports children to grow into independent and confident learners who are inquisitive about the world around them.

Our approach to education embraces opportunities for children to learn values that influence their life and that of others.

Nursery practitioners tune into children’s interests and provide learning experiences that will further their learning and development and inspire them to engage with nature.

About the nursery

The setting

The nursery is located on the beautiful Newton Park campus and in two adjoining houses. One house provides care for children aged between 6 months – 2 years, although children can continue to attend this house until they are 30 months. The other provides care for children aged between 2 – 5 years, although children can attend after they turn 18 months.

The continuous provision that we offer reflects what is available for children both outdoors and indoors. Our large garden provides lots of opportunities to explore physically, test their theories and discover nature.

Healthy eating

The nursery has a four week lunch menu which has been developed by the nursery management team and the University's catering team. Lunches are prepared using fresh ingredients by the catering team each day.

The nursery provides a healthy snack for children twice a day which consists of fruit, vegetable crudités and cheese as well as breadsticks, crackers, rice cakes and more.

Nursery practitioners use mealtimes as an opportunity to develop the children's language, extend their knowledge and promote their independence.

Working in partnership

Nursery practitioners at Oak Tree Day Nursery are committed to working in partnership with parents and carers. It is essential that parent/carers and practitioners work together to support the child to progress to their full potential and to ensure the child’s individual needs are met. Parents/carers are encouraged to be involved in nursery life by having contact with their child's Key Person throughout the day via telephone, email or face to face at drop off and collection times.

Nursery practitioners encourage parents/carers to come into the nursery to read stories, sing songs, or share their talents such as playing a musical instrument-this is a great opportunity for the children to get to know the families in our nursery community.

Nursery practitioners provide a monthly newsletter informing parents/carers of what their child will be learning throughout the month ahead, it also contains photographs of the learning and development that took place in the previous month.

Our latest Ofsted inspection noted that "staff ensure that there is strong partnership with parents who use ideas to extend learning at home".

Parents/carers can also arrive early to collect their child and between the hours of their agreed sessions.

Nursery practitioners work in partnership with parents/carers to obtain the knowledge and expertise of the parent/carer when planning for the provision and care for their child.

Key person

Each child is allocated a key person who has special responsibility for a group of children giving them consistent care and support. The key person works closely with the child’s parent/carer and is the parent/carers first point of contact when sharing information about the child’s progress, any changes to the child’s care and wellbeing.

The key person maintains Learning Diaries for children which documents the child’s learning, development, areas of interest and achievements. The key person uses the Development Matters Non-statutory curriculum guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to support the growth, learning and development of children.

Our vision and values

Our vision

Children are adventurous, playful and passionate in the way they engage with their world. Set with in the glorious environment of Newton Park, Oak Tree Nursery provides everyday experiences which reflect the unique nature of children’s learning.

The staff at Oak Tree Day Nursery are committed to providing a curriculum for children that:

  • Offers a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment to explore at their own pace
  • Enables positive relationships to develop
  • Promotes independence, resilience and confidence
  • Encourages sensory exploration, creativity and use of imagination both indoors and outdoors
  • Is resourced to challenge their thinking and test their theories
  • Supports early language and literacy specific to their age and stage of development
  • Extends their knowledge of our local community.

Our values

At Oak Tree Day Nursery we believe:

  • Play provides a powerful context for every child as a unique and creative thinker, whilst supporting positive relationships with other children and adults
  • The outdoor environment provides opportunities for deep engagement with nature and mastering the challenges that this presents, while encouraging the development of independence, social responsibility and risk taking
  • Reciprocal relationships of mutual trust and respect ensure that adults and children value each other and take each other seriously
  • The University’s research community provides shared learning opportunities for staff, children and families
  • Working together with families and the wider community enriches children’s learning and well-being

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