Forest school

Forest School is an educational approach to playing and learning outdoors.

Denmark established Forest Schools in the Early Years in the 1980s, which are based on providing children with a nursery education that encourages children to appreciate and learn about the natural world.

Forest School provides a beautiful, natural and fun environment for children to develop:

  • Strong social skills and high self esteem
  • Confidence in their abilities and physical ability
  • Knowledge of boundaries – physically and emotionally
  • A sense of freedom within rules that are set for their safety, as well as learning to identify and manage risks
  • Independence
  • Knowledge and understanding of nature as they see the woodland changing with the seasons.
  • Communication and language skills
  • Use of phonic knowledge
  • Ability to work together to achieve their ideas

Each Forest School session is planned for, and takes into account what the children were interested and fascinated by during the previous session.

Forest School fosters curiosity and motivation to learn and explore. It supports children to respect each other, themselves, the natural world, and their local community.

The woodland is a safe place at Bath Spa University and a well-maintained outdoor learning environment, where children are able to benefit from learning in their natural environment.

During all seasons and weathers, children meet at the nursery and then take a walk to the woodland. The morning is then spent at Forest School where children explore and use the natural materials found within the woodland.

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