Find out the dates of our upcoming graduation ceremonies.

Our next graduation ceremonies will be held in the Assembly Rooms, Bath, on Wednesday 14 February 2018.

There will be two ceremonies:

  • 11am: Bath School of Art & Design; Institute for Education; College of Liberal Arts (Bath Business School; Culture and Environment)
  • 3pm: College of Liberal Arts (Digital Academy; Writing and Performance)

Our summer ceremonies will be held in The Forum, Bath, on Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 July 2018.

Which ceremony can I attend?

The ceremony you can attend is determined by when you complete your studies, your School and your course. Each of the ceremonies will last around one hour.

  • If you are graduating with a major/minor or joint (equally balanced) combined degree which has been taught across two schools, you will be able to choose which of the schools you wish to graduate with

  • Combined awards will be presented as a single group within each School, e.g. if you have studied Geography and History, you will graduate with other Combined awards from the School, not with BSc Geography or BA History

  • Creative Arts will be treated the same as a joint combined degree, and you will be able to choose at the time of booking which of the two relevant schools you graduate with (if applicable). Creative Arts degrees will be presented as a single group within each School, e.g. if you have studied Art and Music, you will graduate with other Creative Arts awards from the School, not with BA Fine Art or BA Music

  • All students on a Specialised Education course (also known as the ‘3+1’ of Primary/Secondary pathway), which leads straight into the PGCE course) will graduate with the Institute for Education, regardless of whether they do a combination of subjects within this course

Which school am I in?

Bath School of Art and Design


  • 3D Design: Idea Material Object
  • Contemporary Arts Practice
  • Creative Arts (including Art , Ceramics, Textile and Visual Design)
  • Digital Animation
  • Fashion Design
  • Fine Art
  • Furniture and Product Design
  • Graphic Communicatio
  • History of Art and Design
  • Photography
  • Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors


  • Fine Art
  • Curatorial Practice
  • Design
  • Fashion Portfolio
  • Visual Communication
  • PhD

College of Liberal Arts: Bath Business School


  • Business and Management (all routes)


  • Accounting and Finance
  • Arts Management
  • Business and Management (all routes)

College of Liberal Arts: Culture and Environment


  • Biology (all routes)
  • Criminology
  • English Literature
  • Environmental Science
  • Food with Nutrition
  • Geography (all routes)
  • Global Development and Sustainability
  • History (all routes)
  • Human Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Religions, Philosophy and Ethics
  • Sociology
  • Study of Religions
  • Heritage (as part of a combined degree)
  • Philospohy & Ethics (as part of a combined degree)


  • Environmental Humanities
  • Environmental Management
  • Heritage Management
  • Jane Austen’s England
  • Literature, Landscape and Environment
  • Principles of Applied Neuropsychology


College of Liberal Arts: Writing, Film and Digital Creativity


  • Creative Computing
  • Creative Media Practice
  • Creative Writing
  • Film and Screen Studies
  • Film, Television and Digital Production
  • Journalism and Publishing
  • Media Communications
  • Publishing (as part of a combined degree)


  • Advertising Practice
  • Creative Technologies and Enterprise
  • Creative Writing
  • Crime & Gothic Fiction
  • Feature Filmmaking
  • Independent Filmmaking
  • Scriptwriting
  • Transnational Writing
  • Travel and Nature Writing
  • Writing for Young People
  • PhD

College of Liberal Arts: Music and Performance


  • Acting
  • Comedy
  • Commercial Music
  • Contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre
  • Creative Arts (including Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, Music)
  • Creative Music Technology
  • Dance
  • Directing
  • Directing Circus
  • Drama
  • Live Events and Festivals Production
  • Music
  • Musical Theatre
  • Performing Arts
  • Professional Music Performance and Production
  • Theatre Production


  • Classical Acting
  • Composition
  • Creative Producing
  • Creative Sound and Media Technology
  • Dance
  • Intercultural Musicology
  • Music Performance
  • Performance
  • Performing Shakespeare
  • Songwriting
  • Sound Arts
  • Theatre for Young Audiences

Institute for Education


  • Early Years
  • Education (Specialised) leading to PGCE Primary
  • Education Studies
  • International Education
  • Youth & Community


  • PGCE (Primary, Secondary)
  • Education
  • Professional Master's Programmes
  • Professional Practice in Higher Education
  • PhD

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