Graduation is a big day. Make the most of it by getting your preparations done in plenty of time.

An invitation and information pack will be sent to all eligible students, by post and by email, in time for online booking opening.

Booking for February ceremonies will open in December, and in May for the July ceremonies.


Who is eligible to attend?

  • The following awards are presented at graduation: BA or BSc degrees (with or without Honours), PGCE (Primary or Secondary), PGDip, MA, MSc, MRes or MTeach, MPhil, PhD
  • If you achieve an appropriate award, or are expected to achieve an appropriate award, between July 2018 and January 2019, you'll be invited to our February graduation ceremonies. Awards made or due after January 2019 will be invited to our July ceremonies
  • Students undertaking a degree or a top up degree at one of our partner institutions are invited to our graduation ceremonies, and may also be invited to ceremonies held by their institution. Such students are eligible to attend both ceremonies.

How do I book guest tickets?

Tickets are booked online via The Hub (booking will open in December for the February ceremonies, and in May for the July ceremonies). 

Your invitation will tell you the opening and closing dates for booking.

Tickets will be collected from the venue on the day, when you check in for your ceremony.


What if I do not pass my course in time for Graduation?

Should you not complete the course in time to graduate at your expected ceremony, then you can obtain refunds on any of your purchases by contacting each of the services involved. The Graduation Office will issue a full refund for any guest tickets purchased; other suppliers may keep an admin fee.

Please do not wait until you have passed your course before obtaining your tickets as the closing date for booking falls before some results have been announced.

Should you complete your course after your expected graduation, your certificate will be issued within six weeks of when the award is achieved, and you will be invited to the next ceremonies.

I'm an international student - do I need to make special arrangements?

We are not able to provide letters to help your guests arrange visas for their travel, but you can write one yourself. Please email: internationaladvice@bathspa.ac.uk for more information and help on what to include in your letter.

If you require a letter to confirm your completion of studies please contact the Student Information Desk (SID) in Commons or email mycourse@bathspa.ac.uk.

What do I wear?

You must wear the correct academic robes in order to take part in your ceremony. These may be hired or bought from our official suppliers, Ede & Ravenscroft, and this needs to be done at least four weeks before your ceremony.

Our academic robes and hoods are covered under copyright law, and therefore are not available from any other supplier.

Bath Spa robes are dark blue with the exception of PhD robes which are a lighter shade. The hoods are blue with a silver trim and the design of the hood depends on the level of award that you are receiving. The hood is designed to be worn by attaching a loop on the hood to a button on a shirt/blouse, although it can be pinned instead.

Graduation is a formal event, and we advise that you dress to suit the occasion in clothing which will be manageable and comfortable beneath your robes.

On the day

What time do I need to be there?

You will need to check in before your ceremony, collect your guest tickets and put on your academic robes. Your invitation pack will give you details of these times.

For the February ceremonies, academic robes and guest tickets are collected at the Assembly Rooms. 

What happens during the ceremony?

Before the ceremony, while guests and students are taking their seats, live music is played.

The ceremony will begin promptly at the advertised time, and it will not be possible to admit late arrivals.

After welcomes from the Registrar, the academic procession enters.

The Order of Ceremonies is as follows:

  • Ceremony is declared open
  • Vice-Chancellor’s address
  • Presentation of honorary awards (if applicable)
  • Presentation of student awards
  • Student valedictory address
  • Ceremony is declared closed.

For the presentation of your award, stewards will direct you to the side of the stage at the appropriate time, your name will be read out by a member of staff from your department, and you will cross the stage to be congratulated in the centre by the Dean of your School or another senior member of staff. You then leave the stage on the opposite side, and stewards will direct you back to your seat.

At the end of the ceremony, the academic procession will leave first.

We expect each of our ceremonies to last about one hour.

Can I film the event?

The use of cameras and video recorders during the ceremony is strictly prohibited (this includes mobile phones) as they distract those taking part and spoil the enjoyment of other guests. The University has arranged for 1st Take to make a professional recording of the ceremony; if you would like to order a copy please complete and return the order form enclosed with your invitation pack, or order online.

You may of course take photographs before and after the ceremony.

The ceremonies willo also be streamed live on the university website.


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