We look forward to meeting our new undergraduate students over Registration Weekend, September 2018.

Registration Weekend - schedule of activities

Living in halls of residence?

You'll receive an email detailing the date and time you can move into your accommodation over Registration Weekend. Late arrivals (after 5pm) will be able to access their accommodation upon arrival, but will need to complete in-person enrolment the following day. 

Depending on where you're moving into, the order of the day may vary. Check the table below for more details.

Newton Park residences         
  1. Complete online registration
  2. Enrol in person on campus with your photo ID
  3. Collect your student ID card/accommodation key
  4. Move into your accommodation

Waterside Court &
Charlton Court

  1. Complete online registration
  2. Move into your accommodation
  3. Enrol in person on campus with your photo ID
  4. Collect your student ID card

Twerton Mill

  1. Complete online registration
  2. Move into your accommodation
  3. Enrol in person on campus with your photo ID
  4. Collect your student ID card
Green Park
  1. Complete online registration
  2. Collect your student ID card/accommodation key from your accommodation
  3. Move into your accommodation
  4. Enrol in person on campus with your photo ID
Bankside House
  1. Complete online registration
  2. Collect your student ID card/accommodation key from your accommodation on your assigned day
  3. Move into your accommodation
  4. Enrol in person on campus with your photo ID (ideally over Registration Weekend at Newton Park campus, or alternatively at Sion Hill campus the following Monday)

Living in independent housing?

Not living in halls? After you have completed online registration, come by our Newton Park campus over Registration Weekend for in-person enrolment and to collect your student ID card. 

If you're unable to join us at the weekend, please drop in to the registration room of the campus where you'll be studying, on the following Monday.

What to expect at Registration Weekend

Registration Weekend is an opportunity for new undergraduate students to get the essentials in order before the frenzy of Welcome Week. Staff and student volunteers will be on hand in the Registration Room of the Commons Building, Newton Park Campus, to help get you sorted.

Here are some of the stands and services you'll come across:

Registration and enrolment desks

All registration activities will take place in the Commons Building at Newton Park Campus (map).

If you haven't already completed online registration, you'll be able to do so when you arrive on campus. You'll need your bank account details and a digital copy of a passport-style photo for this. If you can't upload a photo, please see a member of the Santander staff who'll be able to take a photo of you and upload it to your account.

Once you've registered online, over Registration Weekend you can go to the in-person enrolment desks on the ground floor of the Commons Building to complete your enrolment. Please bring some photo ID with you (e.g. passport/driving licence). If you're an international student studying on a Tier 4 visa, you'll also need to bring your passport, visa/BRP, and any additional documents specified on your CAS letter.

Picking up your student ID card

Your student ID card can be used as proof of your student status. It's important that you carry it with you at all times while on campus, as your card can be used to access many of the University's resources and may additionally be used to electronically record your attendance at timetabled sessions.

  • New students: If you've completed online registration well in advance of your course start date, you should be able to pick up your student ID card when you move into your accommodation or at your in-person enrolment session.
  • Offsite students: If you're a part-time student, distance learner, on a placement or exchange programme, or if your course is not taught at Newton Park campus, it's possible to get your student ID card remotely. Please email mycourse@bathspa.ac.uk for details, quoting your six-digit student ID number.
  • Returning students: If your card has been lost, stolen, or damaged, please see the Student Information Desk pages on The Hub for how to get a replacement card (login required).

Santander bank

Bath Spa University has a partnership with Santander and we have a branch on our Newton Park campus. During online registration, new students (who are eligible to apply for an account) will be invited to open a Santander bank account. If you wish to find out more about setting up a bank account with Santander, you can do this at their stand in the Commons Building during Registration Weekend.

Bus passes

Many of our students purchase a First bus pass to get around. As a student you may be eligible for discounts on tickets and passes. 

Bus passes can be purchased on your smartphone using the mTickets app. This is the preferred purchase option as it gives you the added security of your pass being stored on an account should you lose your phone. Alternatively, you can purchase term or academic year passes during the online registration process or over Registration Weekend at Newton Park. For all other types of bus pass please visit Bath Bus Station.

For general information on tickets and prices, please visit the Bath Spa Uni Bus webpages.

Medical service registration

There is a doctors’ clinic which runs regular surgeries at Newton Park. You can register with the doctor during Registration Weekend in the Commons building. If you're living off-campus, you may wish to register at one of the clinics nearer to your accommodation. The Doctor Registration stand will be able to advise you if you require any further guidance.

Bath Spa Live

The University excels in performing arts and there are many events taking place throughout the year which are organised by Bath Spa Live. You can find out more about scheduled events from their stand in the Commons building atrium.

Wifi and IT Helpdesk

As a registered student, you'll be able to access the campus wifi using your student number + @bathspa.ac.uk and password. If you have any issues accessing the wifi, or any other technical issues, you can go to the IT Helpdesk in Commons where someone will be able to help.


Visit our Student Finance pages to ensure you’re on top of how you’ll finance your studies, your instalment options, and how to pay your fees. Our Money Service can also help with budgeting during your studies.

If you have any queries about student finance/fees, members of the Finance team will be available in the online registration room in Commons (CM.125).

Students’ Union

The Students’ Union (SU) will be hosting various events over Registration Weekend and Welcome Week in the Students' Union Building at the top of campus. Representatives from the SU will also be on hand in the Commons Building to highlight the services provided by the SU.

Travelling to Bath Spa University

General overview

If you're travelling via the M4 to either the Newton Park campus,  Sion Hill campus, or any of the halls of residence in Bath, we recommend you take junction 19 southbound of the M4 and proceed to the University via the A4174 and A4. Please note that driving through Bath via the A46 is a very busy route; if you take it expect to experience delays.

For detailed travel information, view our Find Us pages.

Using SatNav?

Use these postcodes to find us:

  • Newton Park Campus
    BA2 9BN - however, please note that the postcode for Newton Park doesn't always provide helpful SatNav routes. We recommend using the postcode for the Globe Inn (BA2 9BB) which is on a roundabout at the A4/A39 junction, from which Bath Spa University is clearly marked.
  • Sion Hill Campus
    BA1 5SF
  • Corsham Court Campus
    SN13 0BZ

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