Bath Spa University PGCE Bursary

Bath Spa University PGCE Bursary

Bath Spa University offer bursaries to PGCE students who are eligible for Home student funding.

Bath Spa University PGCE Bursary

About the bursary

This Bath Spa University PGCE Bursary Scheme is part of Bath Spa University’s Access Agreement with the government and is aimed at widening access to PGCE courses by removing financial barriers to education for students from under-represented groups.

Bath Spa University is providing up to 100 awards worth £500 each, to eligible new PGCE students in 2019/20.


The Bath Spa University PGCE Bursary is a cash award of £500. Students can request to take their award as a fee waiver.

As these are targeted awards, not all applicants with a household income of under £25,000 can be guaranteed an allocation.

The University will give priority when allocating to students from the following groups:

  • Students coming from a home postcode area with low participation in higher education
  • Students who are in receipt of Special Support Grant
  • Care leavers
  • Foyer students.

Eligibilty is based on:

  • Household income is below £25,000. We assess your income using your Student Finance assessed household income and also any ITT subject scholarships or bursaries you may be eligible for.
  • You're a student from the UK.

You will NOT be eligible for the award if:

  • You're a student from the EU.
  • You have any formal sponsorship agreement with anyone other than Student Finance.
  • You're transferring course, transferring institution or restarting a course.
  • Part-time students must be studying 25% intensity or more i.e. taking at least two standard weighted modules. Students studying part-time will receive an award value that is calculated in proportion to the full-time award value.

How to apply

To be considered for a Bath Spa University PGCE Bursary, you must:

  • Complete an ‘Application for Student Finance’ for the academic year, making sure you apply for the full package of means-tested support available and supply all evidence requested. You can find full details from Student Finance.
  • When making your application, give consent for your household income details to be shared with Bath Spa University. Your household income figure will then be automatically sent to the University and used to assess your eligibility for a bursary.
  • Provide the University with details of any subject scholarships you are entitled to.
  • Register with Bath Spa University for the academic year.

When is it paid?

Bath Spa University PGCE Bursary will be paid direct into student's bank account on the on 15 November.

Students can request their Bath Spa University PGCE Bursary as a fee waiver which will be applied against their tuition fees in November.

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