International funding - postgraduate

How to fund your postgraduate course, and additional funding that’s available.

Postgraduate studies are a big investment. Bath Spa University has a wide range of funding possibilities to explore.

Funding for international students

Financial aid for US students

Bath Spa University is eligible to certify loan applications for William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans (Direct Loans) including Direct subsidized loans, Direct Unsubsidized Loans, Parent PLUS loans and Graduate PLUS loans.

The Bath Spa University school code is: G35333.

More information about US Federal Direct Loans is available on the Federal Student Aid website via the following link www.ed.gov.

For information on Federal Aid, fee payments and general financial information, please see the US federal loans webpage.

US private loans

The only private loan currently available to students at foreign schools is the Smart Loan from Sallie Mae.

Please review the Direct Lending programme before you progress with a private loan as this may be a more favourable option

For information on private loans, fee payments and general financial information, please see the US private loans webpage.

Veterans Affairs Benefits

Bath Spa University participates in the US Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits Program and is approved to process Veterans Affairs Benefits under various GI Bill programmes.

The University is unable to process Yellow Ribbon Benefits Programme. 

US Veterans or their dependants can use funding to contribute towards tuition fees and living expenses whilst studying at Bath Spa University.

Bath Spa University will need to confirm your attendance before your benefits will be released. This confirmation is sent via VA 22-1999 form.

For information on Veterans Affairs Benefits, fee payments and general financial information, please see the Veterans Affairs Benefits webpages.

Loans for Canadian students

The Government of Canada offers full and part-time loans to students with demonstrated financial need in all provinces and territories across Canada, with the exception of Quebec, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

The purpose of a Canadian Student Loan is to supplement, not replace, the financial resources that you (and your family, where applicable) are expected to contribute.

For information on Canadian Loans, fee payments and general financial information, please see our funding for Canadian students webpage.


Bath Spa University offers a range of scholarship opportunities for high-achieving international students who would gain from studying in the UK. The scholarship programme includes opportunities at undergraduate level. 

For information on Scholarships, please see the Scholarships webpages.

Living Costs

Living costs, sometimes called maintenance, includes; accommodation, food, clothing, books, entertainment and travel in the UK. As per UK Visas and Immigration, estimated living costs for an international student on a degree course are estimated to be £9,135 per 9-month academic year (£1,015 per month), or £12,180 for a full year. These figures are approximate and vary with different lifestyles.

For help with budgeting, the UK Council of International Students support the International Student Calculator.

Bath Spa University Emergency Access Fund

The Emergency Access Fund has been established by Bath Spa University to help:

  • International students in financial hardship
  • International students in a financial emergency
  • Prevent international students from withdrawing.

Students can apply to the Emergency Access Fund at any point throughout the academic year and the summer vacation, except final year students who must apply four weeks before the end of their course.

The Emergency Access Fund is not intended to cover basic course or living costs and International students must be able to evidence that they have made realistic provision at the start of the course to fund both their tuition fees and living costs.

Please Note: The Emergency Access Fund is a limited discretionary fund and there is no guarantee an award will be made.

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