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The Enterprise Showcase Fund

Brief description

The Bath Spa University Enterprise Showcase Fund was created in response to the expenses incurred by many of our students, particularly those in creative practice fields, when they put on their end of course exhibitions, performances and events; whether here at the University or at industry showcases. 

The money allocated to each student or group of students is used to match funds raised on the University crowdfunding platform. The aim is to encourage students to be enterprising and entrepreneurial, giving them an insight into funding their future work, marketing and promotion.

Value: £1 from the Enterprise Showcase Fund for every £1 raised through the University crowdfunding platform, depending on funds available.

Individuals may apply for up to £300 and groups of students may apply for a maximum of £1000. All applications must be for unique projects.

Number of awards available: multiple


The Bath Spa University Enterprise Showcase Fund is open to any final year students.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible.

How to apply

Applicants are asked to submit a brief synopsis (250 - 500 words) of their proposed showcase. It should:

  • Include an explanation of what you hope to achieve
  • Demonstrate how the showcase will help you:
    • present your work to industry
    • support your career growth or
    • enable you to further your studies
  • Provide the following financial evidence:
    • Your showcase expenditure
    • Any income already secured and
    • Where and how other funds are being sought.

Please use the online application form (student login required) to apply, and ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions.

All sections of the form must be fully completed before submission. Please refer to the Application Guidelines for advice and information on how to complete the form.

If you are applying to help fund a class project, such as the fashion show or year-end art exhibition, please submit one application as a group, rather than each student applying individually.

Please discuss your application with your course leaders, as they will be asked to provide a supporting statement.

Should you have any questions or require assistance completing the form please contact the External Affairs Office at

No retrospective funding is available — applications cannot be considered in the event that the applicant has already made the associated purchases.

Application deadlines

  • 9.00am (GMT), Monday 21 February 2022
  • 9.00am (BST), Monday 25 April 2022

How applications are judged

The selection will be decided by the Bath Spa University Disbursement panel.

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