The Jennifer Skellett Postgraduate Bursary

The Jennifer Skellett Postgraduate Bursary

Brief description

This bursary will be awarded to up to three outstanding students from the department of Music to support them in undertaking a postgraduate degree at Bath Spa University. Applications welcomed from alumni up to three years after the date of graduation.

Value: £1,500

Number of awards available: Up to four


Applicants will have:

  • Graduated within the last three years or be about to graduate from any undergraduate programme in the department of Music
  • Exceptional skills in an area of musical activity, usually performance or composition
  • Made an outstanding contribution to the cultural life of the University during the course of their studies
  • Received a Special Support Grant or the Special Support Element of the Student Loan and/or an Access Fund Award in 2019/20 at Bath Spa University

How to apply

Please apply via the online application form (student login required). Applicants should write a statement of between 150 and 200 words on the following:

  • Your relevant experience and activities at Bath Spa during your undergraduate course
  • How your proposed study will further your specialism and career plans.

Please ensure that you have read and understand the terms and conditions.

Application deadlines

  • 9.00am (GMT), Monday 14 December 2020

"I joined Bristol Community Gamelan when I was in second year. as a place became available to play at a wayang (puppet show) in York. I’d never experienced a real Indonesian puppet show before, so playing at one for the first time was amazing. The dancers' costumes were beautiful and the detail on the puppets was fascinating. The puppet show went on until about four in the morning and the groups rotated so we could all have a rest.  Many new compositions were played where Western instruments were used alongside the Indonesian instruments.
Attending this wayang definitely provided a huge boost to my enthusiasm for gamelan as the music was so wonderful. As a direct result of hearing new compositions I then wrote two of my own pieces for gamelan and the Western flute. Attending Bristol gamelan has improved my playing and has made me keen to learn more. There is a termly fee for attending but receiving the Jennifer Skellett award has helped me fund this so I am very grateful."

Sophie Batchelor, 2014 winner. 

How applications are judged

The successful applicant will be chosen by the Head of the Department of Music in consultation with relevant academic staff.

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