Transition to University Programme

Our Transition to University Programme is a free two day event for applicants who have disclosed an Autism Spectrum condition. It’s a great way to meet applicants and staff.

The Transition to University programme will take place 20-21 August 2020. We'll be hosting a series of online information sessions and workshops to give you an insight into to student life. We're hoping that by running this great event virtually we can reach even more of you! 

The event will assist you to develop your independent living skills so you feel prepared to move away from home. The Bristol Autism Spectrum Service (BASS) are delivering specialist workshops on managing the transition to university. You’ll also be able to find out about services at the University, including Student Wellbeing and Accommodation.

Activities will include:

  • Introductions to key university services
  • Workshop with the Bristol Autism Spectrum Service (BASS)
  • Student Finance and budgeting top tips
  • Introduction to Disabled Students’ Allowances and Assistive Technology
  • Virtual tour of campus - it's impressive!
  • Parents and supporter talk - to answer any queries they may have. 


How can I contact Student Wellbeing Services?

To get in touch with Student Wellbeing Services, email or call +44 (0)1225 876543.

If you’ve spoken to a member of the team before, do contact them directly. We're open all year round, including vacation periods, so someone will always be here to answer any questions/listen to your queries and help you.

Booking your place

Book instructions and invitations will be available shortly - watch this space! 

Frequently asked questions

What will I need for the event?

You will need a device such as laptop, tablet or phone that you can use to access Google meets. It may also be useful to have headphones, so you're not disturbed by any background noise, as well as some drinks and snacks to keep you topped up!

Do I have to attend all sessions?

Sessions are optional but we encourage you to attend all of them, or as many as you can, to get the most from the experience!

Can I attend if I have a conditional offer at Bath Spa?

Yes you'll be invited if you hold either an unconditional or conditional offer. Invites for 2020 have now been sent, so make sure you respond so we can send you further instructions. If you have any queries please contact us.

Can I attend Get Started as well as the Transition to University Programme?

Yes - we'll share more information with you shortly! You can find further information on Get Started here.

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