Student Wellbeing questions

Whether you're a visitor or a current student, you probably have questions about the support you can get as a student at Bath Spa. You can find answers to many of your important questions below.

Current students can access further resources and information on the intranet (you'll need to sign in to access this content).

Accessibility and disability

We provide confidential information, guidance, and practical support to students with a disability or specific learning difference. Find out more on our Accessibility and disability page.

FAQs: Accessibility and disability

Can I bring a car onto campus?

It depends on your circumstances. Read our Parking Terms and Conditions for more information.

Can I get tested for Dyslexia?

Bath Spa University offers all students free access to dyslexia screening. Contact SWS for more information:

How can I get academic support?

Bath Spa University has a Writing and Learning Centre in the Library that supports students with their academic work. Student Wellbeing Services is the point of contact for academic support for disabled students.

Can I still get the adjustments I had at school / college?

Probably, and there may be more, or different measures that you'll find helpful. Student Wellbeing Services are your point of contact to discuss further:

Do I get extra funding for having a disability?

It depends on your circumstances. Student Wellbeing Services are your point of contact to discuss further:

What is the DSA?

Disabled Students’ Allowance is the statutory funded package of support for disabled students at university. It may provide funding depending on your circumstances. Find out more and learn about eligibility.

How do I apply for DSA?

You can apply any time, and we recommend that you do so as early as possible. The process is straightforward, but can take a bit of time. Find out more and apply via

What support is available via the DSA?

Disabled Students’ Allowance is the statutory funded package of support for disabled students at university. It can fund a variety of support depending on your circumstances. Learn more and understand eligibility.

What evidence will be accepted?

It depends what you're applying for; if ever you aren’t sure speak to SWS:

Where can I find more information about accessibility in halls and teaching buildings?

Bath Spa University works with AccessAble to provide guides to our campuses.

What support is offered if I disclose a disability?

Student Wellbeing Services can help you access a wide variety of services, including specialist study skills tuition, mental health mentoring, equipment, furniture and IT, and a range of adjustments.

These are flexible and any measures are designed and personal to you.

Will my declaration of a disability impact on my offer?

No. We encourage applicants to tell us about a disability or medical condition to help us ensure you're able to access your course and answer your questions.

Mental health and wellbeing

Mental Health practitioners are available to speak with applicants and current students about your situation and explore options. Find out more on our Mental Health page.

FAQs: Mental health and wellbeing

Do you offer counselling?

Bath Spa University provides access to a range of in-house counselling and mental health services through Student Wellbeing Services.

How does Bath Spa support mature students?

Bath Spa University has advisors you can speak with to discuss returning to education.

I have anxiety. Can I have my car on campus?

Bath Spa University is able to consider requests from students to bring their car if it relates to a disability or ongoing medical condition. Find out more: read our Motor Vehicle Terms and Conditions.

Can I access therapy? How many sessions do I get? Is there a set amount?

Student Wellbeing Services provides access to a range of short-term brief therapy within the University and can assist you to access external specialist services.

The number of sessions that someone finds helpful can vary, but generally it is between four and six, with the option of one-off appointments with a mental health practitioner.

Student Wellbeing Services are your point of contact to discuss further:

What Mental Health support is available?

Student Wellbeing Services are your point of contact to discuss further:

What support is available for my student?

Bath Spa University offers access to flexible and bespoke support for your student. Please encourage your student to get in contact so we can speak and work with them:

What wellbeing services are available to me?

Bath Spa University provides access to a wide range of services; please browse our web pages, or ask us more at Open Days.

Who can I talk to?

Bath Spa University works with you during your entire student journey, and there will be someone you can speak with from Student Wellbeing Services. Out of hours support is also available.

Medical Service

As a Bath Spa student, you can access the Medical Service all year round. Find out more on our Medical Service page.

FAQs: Medical Service

Is there a Doctor on-site?

Bath Spa University Medical Service provides a dedicated student service on Newton Park Campus every weekday during term time and in town at evenings and weekends.

The Medical Service is provided by Fairfield Park Health Centre.

Where should I send my medical information?

Student Wellbeing Services is your point of contact at Bath Spa University:

Money advice

Wellbeing Advisors are a useful point of contact if you'd like to speak about your financial situation; particularly if you're experiencing any difficulties.

FAQs: Money advice

How and when do I apply for student finance?

Student Finance applications open in February / March each year and you can apply when you've submitted your application to a university. You don't need to have a confirmed place to apply.

Will my student loans cover living costs?

This depends on your circumstances and lifestyle. You can use the online calculator to see what you'll be entitled to.

I have bursary and scholarship questions. Who can I talk to?

Please contact our Student Funding team ( to ask any questions or visit our Scholarships and funding pages.

Uni life

Want to prepare for your studies, but not sure where to start? Read some of our FAQs below.

FAQs: Uni life

How do I go about accessing the above – what do I need to do?

Get in touch with Student Wellbeing Services:

How does Bath Spa support students with children?

Speak with us about your timetable and additional financial support (depending on your situation and course) that you may be eligible for:

What do I need to know about the University?

Bath Spa University is a collaborative community of students and staff – it's interesting, motivating and challenging. There is someone available to respond to any questions you may have, so don't hesitate to get in touch:

What do I need to do to prepare for University?

Research, ask us questions, reply to emails and keep in touch:

What out of hours support is available?

Bath Spa University provides access to 24/7 services and has a 365, 24/7 Security Service.

Get in touch

Our services are accessible Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Phone: +44 (0)1225 876543

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