Creative Producing


Postgraduate degree

Key facts

MA Creative Producing
College of Liberal Arts
Campus or location
Newton Park
Course length
MA full-time (three trimesters - one calendar year).

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for our postgraduate courses vary. We are generally looking for a good honours degree or equivalent. Some courses also require an interview or the submission of a portfolio of work.

Please contact our admissions team for more information: admissions@bathspa.ac.uk.

Do you want to produce live performance? This postgraduate course is for producers at all stages of their career.

  • Led by the University’s Creative Producer, you’ll work on real-time projects with our in-house production company.
  • Extend your artistic community by working in a unique collaborative model.
  • Enhance your professional skills and networks through the University’s industry partners, collaborators and guest speakers.

Want to get your creative ideas to an audience? Through this postgraduate course in Creative Producing, we’ll teach you the core skills you need to get your work to market, as well as helping you develop industry contacts.

Creative Producers are in demand more than ever, as they are vital to the innovation and sustainability of the cultural industries. This MA Creative Producing programme is for  producers at all stages of their career.

If you’re a new or early career producer, you’ll learn and develop skills to enhance your creative vision, artistic judgement, business skills and acumen. If you’re an established producer, you’ll be able to develop, evaluate and reflect on your own practice. In addition, you’ll expand your artistic and markets awareness by gaining insights into innovative artistic practices.

What you'll learn


You’ll build on your current experience and artistic vision; exploring your creative ideas and judgement, alongside developing your entrepreneurial thinking.

We’ll equip you with the practical know-how to get your artistic ideas to an audience and sustain your practice. You’ll expand your professional knowledge, skills and networks in both areas of creativity and business, including:

  • Leadership and collaboration with  creative and technical teams;
  • Curating artistic material;
  • Project and company management and planning;
  • Budgeting and Finance management;
  • Fundraising and Funding strategy;
  • Audience development; and
  • Marketing.

You’ll also learn key cultural contexts that will enhance your critical thinking and broaden your understanding of the arts industry. This will enable you to:

  • Reflect on your practice and develop your expertise;
  • Analyse current industry debates and policy, allowing you to respond and engage with market trends and new legislation; and
  • Formulate business strategies for your work, including innovation, planning and longevity.

Course structure

Trimester one

The course begins by giving you a context of the cultural industry you’ll be preparing to enter, along with insights into its theoretical and practical landscape. You’ll gain core skills to enhance your academic practice. You’ll be given an overview of the economic and cultural landscape that a producer inhabits, allowing you to comprehend where you interact and engage with the industry. You’ll examine how the producer fits into collaborative team allowing you to reflect and explore your own professional identity and knowledge as a producer.


  • Research Methodologies and Context
  • Professional Collaboration

Trimester two

Trimester two gives you the collaborative model to explore your artistic ideas and begin planning for your own project or production. To underpin your preparation for the planning and delivery of your project or production you’ll learn key skills that are essential for you, your ‘producers tool kit’ is a range of core elements that enables your creative and business practice as a producer.


  • Company and Collaboration
  • The Role of the Producer

Trimester three

The final trimester offers the framework for your independent work as a producer to be fully realised, you’ll embark on a major project of your choice to the completion of your MA.


  • Major Project

How will I be assessed?

You’ll be assessed by a range of methods that include:

  • Performance Project
  • Proposal documents for funding, business plans, strategy or artistic ideas
  • Research projects
  • Presentations
  • Viva voce
  • Reflective learning and work-based reports or journals
  • Project evaluations

How will I be taught?

We combine academic study along with practical hands-on experience. Throughout the course you’ll apply and develop your producing expertise.

You’ll learn through a range of methods, including:

  • lectures by academics and industry guests;
  • workshops;
  • work-based learning via productions and working with industry collaborators;
  • seminars;
  • online information and forums.

Your learning will be enhanced by one-to-one tutorials and personal supervision. You’ll also benefit from mentoring, peer support and collaborative learning.

In addition you’ll glean industry expertise through attending industry events and guest talks.


OnSet Production Company: collaboration and creativity

The course is delivered by the University’s Creative Producer, Kerry Irvine. You’ll work on real-time creative projects for the University’s in-house production company, OnSet. You’ll stimulate your creative ideas and extend your artistic community across a range of disciplines.

Professional knowledge and networks

Develop and enhance your professional skills, knowledge and networks through the University’s industry partners, collaborators and guest speakers from the world heritage city of Bath and across the UK.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with a range of cultural organisations, such as the Holburne museum and the Theatre Royal as well as theatres companies and artists.

Preparation for your future career

The course is geared towards giving you the skills you need to develop a freelance career as a Creative Producer.

You’ll also be able to diversify your work, by developing skills in other areas. Through the course, you’ll gain transferable skills that will equip you to work in a range of areas including:

  • Event and cultural management
  • Cultural leading and strategy
  • Artistic direction or management
  • Leisure and tourism industry
  • Fundraising
  • Audience development
  • Marketing

Facilities and resources

Where the subject is taught

As a Creative Producing student you’ll be taught at Newton Park campus. You’ll benefit from access to:

You’ll also be in venues and rehearsal studio’s in Bath’s local area.


As a Creative Producing student, you’ll be able to hire out equipment using SISO, Bath Spa University’s free equipment loan service.


UK and EU students full time

Course fees
2018/19 entry £7,195
2019/20 entry Published Jan 2019
2020/21 entry Published Jan 2020

UK and EU students part time

Fees shown below are for part time study over two years, although some courses may be available over longer periods.

2018/19 Entry

Course fees
Year 1 £3,600
Year 2 Published Jan 2019

2019/20 Entry

Course fees
Year 1 Published Jan 2019
Year 2 Published Jan 2020

2020/21 Entry

Course fees
Year 1 Published Jan 2020
Year 2 Published Jan 2021

International students full time

Course fees
2018/19 entry £13,900
2019/20 entry Published Jan 2019
2020/21 entry Published Jan 2020

Interested in applying?

What we look for in potential students

This MA Creative Producing programme is for for producers at all stages of their career; from those with a desire to work in live performance, to those with existing producing experience.

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Course Leader: Kerry Irvine
Email: k.irvine@bathspa.ac.uk

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