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Older child for PGCE Secondary

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  • @PickwickLTSA @bathspa_ife you are very welcome! We are still buzzing today here @bathspa_ife #becreativeeducate
    4 hours ago
  • @eduosborne @uniofbrighton @bathspa_ife @TroopstoTeacher @Chris_P_Lewis Covering a Y6 class for an injured colleague #realteacheralmost
    4 hours ago
  • @eduosborne @uniofbrighton @BathSpaUni @bathspa_ife @TroopstoTeacher @MrGPrimary thanks Steve, so far so good with my new year 6 class 😀
    4 hours ago
  • Teacher assessment in primary science (TAPS) presentation in Finland @bathspa_ife #ESERA2015 http://t.co/DLXfY3zrv7http://t.co/UviZ3YVvZa
    13 hours ago