Creativity – Bath Spa University


We will apply creativity...

We will apply creativity to all that we do, and to the global and human challenges that face society.

We will develop compelling narratives that move people to action. 

We will conduct excellent research that has significant impact and relevance.

We will celebrate and nurture the capacity for creativity in all of our graduates.

We are a university that values the creation of new works as highly as we value research

Our focus

We will focus our use of our partnerships, our physical and virtual estate, and our planning to support our community to work across and between disciplines.

We are a creative community, engaged in the production of new knowledge, new objects, new ideas and new narratives.

We will work across disciplines and with partners of all kinds, specialising in exploring boundaries within and between disciplines. Our work will be relevant locally, nationally and globally.

Our students and staff will be comfortable with the uncertainty of new learning and making, and our graduates will take that strength into the workplace as a distinctive attribute of a Bath Spa Graduate.

Our research approach

Our research is characterised by our ability to work between the abstract and the object in unique and challenging ways.

We generate internationally significant and world-leading research and artefacts and will build on this capacity to ensure that by 2030 the University is identified with thought-leadership and a skill base of unique richness.

By 2030 we will have embedded a research dimension into our strong international partnerships and will see success in this through a strong growth in our externally-funded international projects.

Our success in REF funding from 2021 will have enabled us to target support at our growing Interdisciplinary Research Centres and expand their intellectual and practical reach.

Our work as makers and narrators

We are a university that values the creation of new works as highly as we value research.

We will create a sustained record of the highest recognition of the work we produce by giving our staff and students a context in which to flourish creatively, and a confidence that this is a core value of the University.

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