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Find a job or further study

Whether you have a clear idea about what you want to do, or need a bit of guidance, we're here to help

Find a job

Whether you're looking to work part-time, on-campus, or full-time after graduation, we can help you find a job that suits your current needs. 

Part-time and on-campus jobs

MyCareer's opportunities pages will help you find vacancies relevant to you. With over 2,500 jobs on offer every year from more than 460 local, national and international employers, our service will help you identify the right role for you.

If you want to search for on-campus jobs, type 'Bath Spa University' into the organisation search box on the left-hand side of the page.

Graduate jobs and schemes

Graduate jobs

We advertise a wide range of roles with local, national and international organisations on MyCareer

You may also wish to use the job sites below to search for vacancies, or to sign up for job alerts. 

Visit our resource library to read our Guide to Finding Graduate Jobs and Opportunities, which can also help you get started in your job hunt.

There are specific organisations that support diversity in the graduate job market and help people from diverse backgrounds to find graduate jobs; a good example is Diverse Hires.

Graduate schemes

Graduate schemes are jobs designed specifically for recent graduates, of any discipline, that focus on learning and development – some will also include additional professional qualifications funded by the employer.

Most graduate schemes offer attractive salaries and benefits, so they can be competitive. There's often a lengthy application process involved, including psychometric tests and assessment centres, and deadlines are usually before Christmas for schemes starting the following summer. It's important to research, plan ahead and allow plenty of time to produce a strong, high quality application.

Visit our Resources page to read more in our Guide to Graduate Schemes. 

Unsure what role might interest you?

You can search for vacancies on MyCareer, drop into the Careers Space in Main House (G16, Newton Park) to speak to us in person, or check out our Resources page, where you can find guides on: 

  • What are my graduate options?
  • How do I make career decisions?
  • Guide to Career Direction.
International students and part-time work

If you’re an international student, we encourage you to access support through the Job Shop. We recommend that you don't work more than 15 hours per week, in order to keep up with your studies – and you must adhere to the working restrictions placed on you by your visa (usually 20 hours per week during term time).

To work in the UK, you'll need to apply for a National Insurance (NI) number

Please visit our Resources page for further information on working while you study, sample CVs and more. 

For legal reasons we're not allowed to give you advice on your visa – if you're unsure whether you can legally work in the UK and how many hours you can work, please contact the Visas and Immigration team.

International graduates

Deciding what you'd like to do and where you'd like to go after graduation can be a big decision. We have the following guides in our Resource library to help with the process:

  • Guide to Finding Work in Your Home Country After Graduation
  • Guide to Finding Work in the UK as an International Graduate

You can find information on visas for graduates on the UK government website.

Gradlink is a free careers site for international students available to Bath Spa students and graduates, supported by the University of the West of England. If you're an international student or graduate and are studying or have studied in the UK, you can access jobs, advice and employers in your home country.

Support for students with disability

On our Resources page, you can find our:

  • Guide to Disability and Work
  • Guide to Equality and Diversity and Work.

You may also want to check the additional resources below.

Further resources and advice

Our Resources page includes a number of how-to guides and sample documents to help you with any stage of your career search. They cover such topics as: 

  • CVs and job applications
  • International students and graduates
  • Industry sector guides
  • Students with disability

Interested in further study?

Postgraduate study and research provides the opportunity to continue to explore your chosen subject in more depth, and to specialise in a sector, further enhancing your career. Whether you decide to pursue a postgraduate degree with us, or somewhere else, we can help. 

Find a course

We outline a good way to get started looking for a postgraduate degree in our resource library, but you might also want to check other resources on the web such as Find a MastersFind a PhD and


Our Guide to Postgraduate Study: Applications, Interviews and Funding may be helpful as you put together your application.

We can offer feedback on your personal statement via our Submit a Query e-guidance tool (please allow up to five working days for a response), or you can book an appointment with our careers consultants.

Find funding

We offer an overview of funding bodies for postgraduate research on our Research Degrees Funding page.

You can also read the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding, a searchable database of funding open to Bath Spa students. To use this resource, choose option 1 to ‘register for a username and password’ using your full Bath Spa email address.

What about teacher training?

Many Bath Spa graduates choose to train as a teacher after their undergraduate course. Teaching can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice with various opportunities for progression and development. 

Most people have heard of PGCEs, but there are actually multiple training routes available including school-based routes and graduate schemes. It is important to have recent school-based work experience, to be prepared to take numeracy and literacy tests and to apply as early as possible in the academic year prior to commencing your training, as places on certain routes are limited.

Guides for teacher training according to subject (Primary and Secondary, Early Years, Higher Education and TESOL) are also available in our Resource library

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