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Student Engagement – Bath Spa University

Student Engagement

Studying for a degree is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do. Engagement is key to your success, and support and guidance is available at every stage of your journey.

Our research tells us that students who are most engaged with their course feel the most settled at Bath Spa University. National research suggests that the more involved students are with their course, the better they do. We want both of these things for you.

Fully engaging with your course means that you’re more likely to thrive at Bath Spa, and to be more successful in your studies. Our mission is to help you do this.

What does "engagement" mean?

Attendance is essential. Being fully present in your classes is an important way to develop your subject knowledge, build interpersonal and communication skills (both key for the workplace) and get instant feedback on your ideas from fellow students and tutors.

Interaction matters, too. Interacting with the learning and teaching resources available to you, such as recorded lectures and online library resources shared by your tutors, is an essential way to build up additional knowledge and experience.

A combination of consistent attendance and interaction will help you to achieve the best outcome from your course.

Why do we keep track of your engagement?

We proactively review student engagement data because lower engagement can be a sign that you might need more support.

If we notice your engagement dropping, we reach out to offer support and advice, rather than waiting for you to ask for it.

We work closely with other Bath Spa University teams to ensure that if your engagement drops, it can be quickly restored again.

If you’re dealing with any sort of issue that directly impacts your studies, we can put you in touch with the professionals and teams who can help.

How can the Student Engagement team help?

The Student Engagement team coordinates the University’s Welcome Activities, to welcome you to Bath Spa University and quickly help you find your feet.

Throughout your time at Bath Spa, we’re here to help you to stay fully engaged and on track with your course.

What else do we look after?

We support you with your transition to Bath Spa University and when you transition between phases of your course (for example, between your second and final year of your undergraduate course). We help you to settle in, even if you have a later start date, such as a course that starts in February rather than September.

As well as engagement and attendance, we’re on-hand to support you with every stage of your student journey, including Welcome Week.

Get in touch

If you need support with any aspect of your student journey, you can reach us at

You can take a look at the full Student Engagement and Attendance policy online and learn more about our policies for students online

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