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PGCE funding – Bath Spa University

How to fund your PGCE course, and additional funding that’s available.

PGCE studies are a big investment. Bath Spa University has a wide range of funding possibilities to explore. If you are a SCITT (School-Centred Initial Teacher Training) PGCE student then please contact your SCITT provider.

Student finance for PGCE students

Student finance

Applications for funding

You can usually apply for funding from mid February if you are starting September of that same year.

Applications should be made by the end of May to ensure your funding will be in place ready for September.

For information about your student finance entitlement and how to apply, please visit:

Tuition fee loan

You can apply for a non means-tested loan up to the maximum of £9,250 each year to cover the full amount of your PGCE tuition fees. You can choose to borrow a lesser amount (or none). The fee loan is paid directly to the University. 

Maintenance loans

Maintenance loans are available for your living costs during the academic year. The maintenance loan is paid into your bank account once your registration has been confirmed at the University.

You may need to give details of your household income to be assessed for part of the maintenance loan. The GOV.UK website explains what is meant by household income in more detail.

Use the student finance calculator to estimate how much maintenance loan you could receive.

Repaying your student loan

When will students have to start repaying their loan?

Please see GOV.UK website for more information.

How will interest affect the loan?

For information on the loan interest, please see the Student Loans Company website on how they calculate interest.

How will students make the repayments?

This will depend on whether you're employed, self-employed or working abroad. Please see GOV.UK website for more information.


Funding for UK PGCE students

Student Finance

UK funding - PGCE

It's important to check out your own funding situation by referring to the official webpages, please see above section.

ITT Bursaries and Scholarships

The funding option available to you depends on your personal eligibility, your fee status, the type of programme you are studying and when you start your Bath Spa University studies.

Initial teacher training funding is administered by Bath Spa University in accordance with criteria determined by the Department for Education (DfE).

For further information on eligibility, applying and payment information, please see our ITT bursaries and scholarships webpages.

Bath Spa University PGCE Bursary

For further information on eligibility, applying and payment information, please see our Bath Spa University PGCE Bursary webpages.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) courses are designed for graduates who are interested in teaching a secondary priority subject but who may not necessarily have a degree in that subject

For more information, please visit our courses or the Department of Education.

Schools Direct

Designed by groups of schools in partnership with Bath Spa University, our School Direct routes are a popular choice for trainee teachers.

For more information, please visit our School Direct webpages or the Department of Education.

Bath Spa University Access Fund

The Bath Spa University Access Fund provides limited discretionary financial support for students who are experiencing financial difficulty and are unable to meet basic or unexpected additional costs from other sources of support.

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding is a searchable database of funding from the voluntary sector which is available to Bath Spa students. 

To use this resource, choose option 1 to ‘register for a username and password’ using your Bath Spa email address.

Funding for international PGCE students


Bath Spa University offers a range of scholarship opportunities for high-achieving international students who would gain from studying in the UK. The scholarship programme includes opportunities at undergraduate level. 

For information on scholarships, please see the Scholarships webpages.

Bath Spa University Emergency Access Fund

The Bath Spa University Overseas Emergency Access Fund provides limited discretionary financial support for full-time international and EU (pre-settled) students who are experiencing financial difficulty and are in need of emergency funding.

You must have made realistic provision at the start of the course to fund your tuition fees and living costs throughout your course. These arrangements must have been affected by unforeseen circumstances or events beyond your control, occurring after the start of your course.

The Bath Spa University Overseas Emergency Access Fund is intended to support a temporary financial difficulty rather than be a main source of income. Awards are discretionary and even if you meet the criteria to apply, awards are not guaranteed. 

The size of the fund is limited and we may not be able to meet your need in full or guarantee that funds will be available, especially towards the end of an academic year.

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