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Issues affecting your visa – Bath Spa University

Information for international students that need support to solve unexpected issues.

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) issues

International students sponsored under the Student route who attended a biometric appointment when making their student visa application will be issued a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

If you used the 'UK Immigration: ID Check' app to prove your identity when applying for your visa then you'll be issued 'digital status' instead. 

The BRP is your visa after the first entry to the UK so it's important to ensure all the details on it are correct when you receive it. It's also important to keep it safe - replacing a lost or stolen BRP is a security issue and can be expensive. 

Collecting your BRP when you arrive to the UK

You must collect your BRP before the vignette sticker in your passport expires or within 10 days of arriving in the UK, whichever is later. BRPs are usually created and sent out 10 days after your visa decision letter is issued.

Collecting your BRP from Bath Spa University

When you make a student visa application, you'll have an opportunity to enter a code into the Alternative Collection Location (ACL) field. Bath Spa University is a designated Alternative Collection Location for biometric residence permits so we have a code you can enter to have your BRP sent to us.

Our code is 2HE982 and once entered, our address will appear in the student visa application form. 

We advise that students use the ACL code to have their BRPs sent to the University. Once we receive it we can check it for any mistakes, support you to report them and take a copy (which we must have anyway) before giving it to you. You'll be able to collect your BRP from us at your enrolment session or by appointment if it arrives much earlier or later on.

Collecting your BRP from the Bath Post Office

If you don't enter the Bath Spa ACL code your BRP will be sent to the Bath Post Office where you will be able to collect it once it has arrived.

The downside of sending it to the Post Office is that corrections won't be pointed out to you and you won't necessarily be contacted when it's ready to collect. 

If you're expecting to collect your BRP from the Post Office and it has not arrived within the expected timeframe, you can report a problem with collecting your BRP.

Mistakes on your BRP

If there are any mistakes on a BRP, the University is required to report these to the Home Office. It's also the student's responsibility to report the mistakes within 10 days of receiving the BRP. This is a Home Office requirement and they expect notification from both the University and the student. 

If you use the ACL code and we receive your BRP we'll check that the details on it are correct. We'll notify you at your enrolment session of any mistakes to be corrected and follow up with an email to your Bath Spa email address. 

You can report a problem with your new BRP on the Home Office website. When you report the mistake, you can also let them know where you would like the new BRP to be sent. You may prefer to have it sent to your new UK address but if you do, please send a photo of the front and back of your new BRP to us at

Lost or stolen BRP (in the UK)

If you're inside the UK and your lost or stolen BRP was originally valid for 3 months or more, report it and apply for a replacement.

You need to do this as soon as possible for safety but you must do it within 3 months of losing it.

You can be fined up to £1,000 and made to leave the UK if you do not apply for a replacement within 3 months.

Lost or stolen BRP (outside the UK)

If you’re outside the UK, you must report your lost or stolen BRP.

You cannot apply for a replacement BRP outside the UK. Instead, you’ll need to apply for a ‘replacement BRP visa’, which lets you re-enter the UK once only. It costs £154.

You can apply for a replacement BRP when you return to the UK. You must do this within 3 months of reporting it lost or stolen unless you have a good reason, for example you were unable to return to the UK in that time.

Passport issues

The information in this section advises how to update your new passport details with the Home Office. If you update your passport details the University also needs the information and a copy of the biopage. Please email this to the Immigration Advice Service. 

Updating new passport details (and you have a 90-day vignette)

There's no requirement to transfer evidence of your permission to your new passport, in order to travel to the UK, if you still have your previous passport containing the vignette.

However, if you have time before the 90-day period expires, or before the deadline for collecting a BRP in UK passes, you may wish to do one of the following:

  • If you're outside the UK, apply online for a transfer of conditions (vignette transfer). In the category of application page, select to 'To transfer or replace your visa (vignette)'. The cost is £154. 
  • If you're in the UK, apply for a transfer of conditions. You'll be required to enrol your biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) as part of this application and you'll receive a BRP once the application is successfully processed. It costs £161.
Updating new passport details (and you have a BRP)

There's no need to apply to replace your BRP if you obtain a new passport, unless you'll have a different nationality (see Report change of circumstances). Notify the UKVI of your new passport details using form MCC.

Updating new passport details (and you have digital status)

If you applied for your student visa and received digital status, the visa status will be linked to the biometric chip in your passport so it is vital that you update the Home Office with your new passport. This does not happen automatically. 

You will need to log into your UKVI account to update your passport details. 

Lost or stolen passport

If your passport was lost or stolen we strongly recommend that you contact us so that we can offer you support.

You'll need to report this to the police and apply for a replacement passport. Contact your country’s embassy in the country where you currently are for further information.

Study related issues that affect your visa

Resitting an exam

If you need to re-sit an examination and are not required to be on campus for teaching for 60 days or more, then we are obliged to withdraw your sponsorship for this period and notify the Home Office. 

Your student visa will no longer be valid and you'll be required to leave the UK. In this case, your place will be deferred until the beginning of the next academic session, and you'll need to make a new application for a new visa to complete your studies.

If your current leave expires before you have to re-sit an exam

We may issue a CAS for an extension of studies, if:

  • your engagement on campus is required for the additional period of study;
  • there is not a period of 60 days or more (not including recognised vacation periods) during which we don't require you to be on-campus.

If you are writing up a thesis or a dissertation

A new CAS won't be issued if this study can be done remotely, without your engagement on campus. Any decision will be made in consultation with the academic department for the course.

Withdrawal from a course

If you're a student visa holder and complete your course early, intercalate, withdraw or are withdrawn from your course, then we'll need to report this to the Home Office. 

This will result in your sponsorship being withdrawn, and you'll have to leave the UK within 60 days unless you apply for a new visa to stay in the UK. You'll no longer have permission to work during this time.

If you're outside the UK and receive notification your visa has been curtailed, you should not attempt to re-enter the UK as you are likely to be refused entry at the border.

If you've chosen to only withdraw from your course temporarily, you are advised to leave the UK within 60 days and then reapply for a student visa when you're ready to return and resume studying.

Changing your course

As a student visa holder, your visa is tied specifically to Bath Spa University and the course for which your CAS was assigned.

The circumstances in which you're able to change your course and remain in the UK on your current visa are extremely limited and you must consult with the Immigration Advice Service for guidance prior to submitting any request to change your course.

In most cases, if you wish to change your course, you'll need to leave the UK and apply for a new visa from overseas.

Finishing your studies

Early completion, or leaving your course earlier with an exit award

If you complete your studies more than one month earlier than the course end date on your original CAS letter, the Immigration Compliance team will need to inform the Home Office of your early course completion. This is often the case for students studying for a PhD or MPhil, as well as when students have removed a Professional Placement Year (PPY) from their course.

Depending on the amount of time left on your current visa, the Home Office may then decide to cut your visa short. They'll usually cut the visa short to the new course end date plus the appropriate wrap up time you would expect at the end of your course.

Once an early completion or withdrawal report has been made online to the Home Office you cannot travel back to the UK on the same visa, so it's important you time any future travel commitments carefully.

Visa expiry and ‘overstaying’

Before your current visa expires, you must arrange to leave the UK or make an application to extend your stay.

If you submit an application to extend your stay before your visa expires, then you'll be making an ‘in time application’. If your current visa expires before a decision is made on your new visa application you'll be protected during this time by section 3c leave if you have made an ‘in time application’.

If you remain in the UK after your visa has expired, you may be considered an overstayer.  It's your responsibility to monitor your visa expiry date and to leave the country or to have submitted an in-time application before this date.

Overstaying is a criminal offence and will make it harder for you to be granted visas to the UK in the future.

Contact us

You can contact the Immigration Advice Service in any of the following ways:

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