Help with your PPY

Not sure how to find a placement during your Professional Placement Year? Here's how we can help.

Research shows that those who undertake a Professional Placement Year are more likely to see a positive impact on both their final-year academic performance and employability. It helps to increase confidence and can really help you to stand out in the job market. Some employers use it as an early recruitment tool, and as many as 59% of graduate jobs are filled by someone who has already worked for the company before.

While the responsibility to find a placement during your PPY lies with you, the Placements Team can provide support and advice to you at every stage of the process. If you are interested in working with us while you look for a placement, we recommend following the below steps.

Interested in a PPY? Here's where to start

Step one: complete an expression of interest

Register your interest through this form, which will ensure you are kept up-to-date with the latest opportunities and important information.

Step two: read our student PPY guide

We have created a Student PPY Guide, which will fill you in on all the information you need to start thinking about ahead of your PPY.

Step three: book a PPY information workshop

These workshops give you all the information you need on Professional Placement Years, including how to find a placement and the support you receive before, during and after the placement year, and provides an opportunity to ask any questions you have.

Book your place

Step four: browse current opportunities

Not sure where to look for placements? Our online jobs board is a great place to start!

If you’d like to get in touch with us about a Professional Placement Year, you can email or call +44 (0)1225 876022.

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