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Care dogs – Bath Spa University

Our #BathSpaDogs are here for you!

Take some time to relax and have a break from studying to chill out with a Bath Spa care dog. We have several accredited care dogs who can’t wait to meet you!

All Bath Spa care dogs are assessed and registered through Canine Concern, to make sure they are well behaved… most of the time at least! The team gets involved in appearances at events and host a range of drop-in sessions; we hope they complement and contribute to the wellbeing of the Bath Spa community, students and staff!

Information about upcoming events involving the #BathSpaDogs will be shared via social media, or you can contact


Breed: Unknown

Favourite walk: Two Tunnels and Linear Park, Oldfield Park.

Favourite food: Yoghurt.

I enjoy: Walks, cuddles and playing tug of war.

Nemesis: Doorbells and my family members leaving.


Breed: Shiba Inu.

Favourite walk: Fields.

Favourite food: Cheese.

I enjoy: Playing catch and chase with a ball, hanging out with kids, playing with humans, camping, cycling and canoeing.

Nemesis: Cows, having a shower and thermometers in personal places!


Breed: Golden Retriever cross Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Favourite walk: Anywhere I can run and play.

Favourite food: Carrots.

I enjoy: Going for walks with mum and sister and chewing tennis balls.

Nemesis: Henry the Hoover.


Breed: Greyhound.

Favourite walk: Bathampton Meadows.

Favourite food: Crisps.

I enjoy: Sofas, being stroked, and being near hoomins.

Nemesis: Squirrels!


Breed: Border Terrier

Favourite walk: In the fields at Bushey, near the other university

I enjoy: Going on adventures in Velma the campervan

Bertie (aka The Silly Sausage)

Breed: Smooth Miniature Dachshund ... who said sausage!

Favourite walk: I accept weekday walks around the Botanical Gardens, Victoria Park, the Great Dell and Primrose Woods ... but I like to stretch my little legs over at Little Solsbury Hill and Chilcombe Bottom at the weekend. It is important to note that I do not approve of wet weather outdoor activity!

Favourite food: Chimken, or if you don't speak Tucker Budzyn, chicken!

I enjoy: Cuddles, snuggles, sleeping and stealing socks

Nemesis: Stairs!


Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Favourite walk: Either a sandy beach or anywhere with snow..

Favourite food: Cheese

I enjoy: I LOVE tennis balls!

Nemesis: Really loud noises - like fireworks


Breed: Cavapoo.

Favourite walk: In the park so I can make new (human and dog) friends.

Favourite food: Cheese.

I enjoy: Chewing on empty toilet rolls, dancing, playing chase with my friends, soft blankets and cuddling.

Nemesis: Whistling trains.


Breed: German Pointer x Welsh Collie.

Favourite walk: Anywhere with sticks!

Favourite food:  A nice big bone from the butchers.

I enjoy: Playing in the park with my dog friends as well as finding big sticks.

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