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Governance – Bath Spa University

Governance comprises the oversight and management of the University

Corporate governance is a system by which organisations are directed, managed and controlled.  It is the process by which the University's objectives are established, achieved and monitored. At Bath Spa it concerns the relationships and responsibilities between the Board of Governors, the Vice-Chancellor, Academic Board, and relevant stakeholders within a legal and regulatory framework.

"Every institution is headed by a governing body who are collectively responsible for overseeing the institution’s activities, determining its future direction, and fostering an environment in which the institutional mission is achieved, and the potential of all students is realised."

Higher Education Funding Council for England

Underpinning the governance and leadership structures of the University, we operate within framesworks set by Government, regulators, and our own internal policies.

It is these processes by which the University's Governors and leadership team ensure our objectives are established, achieved and monitored.

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