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Student Campaign Grant – Bath Spa University

Our new Sustainability Campaign Grant will give students the chance to run a project they really care about.

Our new Sustainability Campaign Grant is available to students of Bath Spa University to run an innovative campaign focused on a sustainability or environmental issue.

We'll be funding projects that aim to either promote, tackle and help to solve, or engage students and staff in a sustainability or environmental issue that is impacted by, or impacts, daily life at Bath Spa University.

A funding pool of up to £500 is available. This could be awarded to one campaign for the full amount, or to multiple projects with smaller budgets totalling £500 (e.g. funding of two projects that each apply for £250). 

The grant is open and applications are welcome all year round.

About the grant

Projects we can fund

Your project must be relevant to Bath Spa University campuses or students, and should be run by teams of three or more students with clearly outlined responsibilities and goals.

The kind of projects we may fund include:

  • an upcycled fashion show
  • a campaign tackling disposable vaping
  • a sustainable food fair.
Projects we can't fund

We can't fund these sorts of projects or campaigns:

  • research projects 
  • projects in conjunction with university projects/studies  
  • projects that are led by non Bath Spa University students 

Please be aware that we will only be able to part fund projects that are expected to cost over £500.

Your grant proposal

Your grant proposal must include:

  • a title 
  • a brief summary 
  • justification for the campaign
  • details of the campaign 
  • who will be running the campaign and what their capacities will be 
  • how the campaign will be promoted 
  • an outline of the costs and budget.
Who can apply?

Any Bath Spa University students (who will be registered as students at the time of the campaign) can apply. 

How to apply

To apply, please complete the Sustainability Campaign Grant application form.

Please consider the information required for the application with your team before you complete the application form.

If you have any questions, please email

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