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Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

To make a visa application under the Student Route, you need a CAS from Bath Spa University.

In order to begin the CAS request process, you'll need to have accepted an unconditional offer of study for your main academic course, and/or a pre-sessional English course (if applicable) and paid the deposit of fees

Deposit of fees

For information on the deposit of fees, please read the policy document. If you have paid the deposit and want to request a refund, you will need to complete this form and send it to

What is a CAS?

UK immigration rules require the University to sponsor your application for a student visa (this is not the same as financial sponsorship). A CAS number confirms that we have made you an Unconditional offer of a place to study with us, and that you have accepted this.

The CAS number links to an electronic profile of your course title and dates, the qualifications we assessed you on and the evidence we used to assess your English language.

Your CAS number is only valid for one Student visa application.

When is a CAS issued?

We can usually issue your CAS from six months before the start date of your course. You can help the process run smoothly by completing your CAS information form as soon as you accept your offer.  

How do I obtain my CAS?

Once you have accepted your offer and paid the deposit, you'll need to complete a CAS information form, which asks for details of your immigration history and reconfirms your passport details. This form will need to be sent to if you're applying for a new course, or who will process your CAS number and send you a CAS statement. (You'll receive a draft version before we assign it to confirm all the details we are submitting to UKVI)

Please note that a CAS cannot be issued until we hold copies of:

  • Your passport
  • Any previous visas
  • Your educational certificates
  • Evidence of English Language (or exemption of)
  • Fully completed application form including statement of purpose
  • Fully completed CAS information form.

We'll only issue a CAS after we're satisfied you'll be able to meet all of the requirements for a successful Studetn Route visa application, including the maintenance requirements. Please see our visa webpages for detailed guidance.

You can include copies of your financial documentation with your CAS information form.  

Does a CAS guarantee my visa application?

A CAS does not guarantee that your visa application will be successful. It is your responsibility to make sure that you meet the criteria for the Student Route, ensure you read the Student Route policy guidance and see our visa webpages for more details.

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