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Report and Support – Bath Spa University

At Bath Spa, we're committed to ensuring that the whole community feels safe on campus. Report and Support is our online recording tool for any safeguarding, bullying or harassment concerns.

Harassment, bullying and violence are unacceptable and not tolerated at Bath Spa University. We want you to feel confident to tell us if you feel harassed or bullied, or are the victim of violence.

Report and Support is an online reporting tool for staff and students at Bath Spa. If you see or experience something that is not OK, you can submit a named or an anonymous report. You can also request a callback from one of our advisors. You can use the service to report incidents of harassment, assault, bullying, sexual assault and sexual harassment, including domestic abuse.

We've also included information on this page about the Student Disciplinary Outcomes, which outlines the actions and process surrounding reports of non-academic misconduct.

How to use the service

Simply complete our short, simple form in our secure online Report and Support system. You can submit a report anonymously or request a callback from an advisor.

Report and Support data

Bath Spa University - student data

Report and Support Student Data from 2021/2022
 AnonymousRequests for support
Bullying 6 4
Harassment 7 6
Sexual Harassment 2 2
Sexual Violence 0 2
Discrimination 0 3
Victimisation 1 1
Other 7 3
Total 23 21
Report and Support Student Data from 2020/2021
 AnonymousRequests for support
Bullying 7 3
Harassment 6 4
Sexual Harassment 4 3
Sexual Violence 9 4
Discrimination 2 1
Victimisation 1 1
Other 20 9
Total 49 23
  Anonymous Requests for support
Bullying 0 0
Harassment 1 2
Sexual Harassment 1 1
Sexual Violence 0 1
Discrimination 9 3
Victimisation 1 0
Other 5 2
Total 17 9
  Anonymous Requests for support
Bullying 2 1
Harassment 3 0
Sexual Harassment 0 1
Sexual Violence 1 1
Discrimination 0 0
Victimisation 0 1
Other 1 1
Total 7 5

Bath Spa University - staff data

  Anonymous Requests for support
Bullying 1 1
Harassment 0 0
Sexual Harassment 0 0
Sexual Violence 1 0
Discrimination 0 0
Victimisation 0 0
Other 0 0
Total 2 1
  Anonymous Requests for support
Bullying 8 0
Harassment 1 1
Sexual Harassment 0 0
Sexual Violence 0 0
Discrimination 4 1
Victimisation 0 0
Other 1 0
Total 14 2
  Anonymous Requests for support
Bullying 13 2
Harassment 2 1
Sexual Harassment 0 0
Sexual Violence 0 0
Discrimination 0 1
Victimisation 0 0
Other 3 1
Total 18 5

Student Disciplinary Outcomes

Bath Spa University has made a commitment to publish anonymised data on student disciplinary outcomes. The purpose of this is to increase transparency about such outcomes, improve the confidence of those who would like to submit a concern or complaint and to help prevent incidents from happening.

Penalties issued for sexual misconduct

The University has previously issued the following penalties to reported students in Disciplinary cases where allegations of sexual misconduct have been found to be upheld:

  • Reprimanded
  • Required to write a letter of apology to a specified person
  • Required to attend a specified course (consent training)
  • Required to have no contact, or restricted contact, with a specified person or persons
  • Suspended from the University for a fixed period of time
  • Expelled from the University.

Because the number of cases of sexual misconduct reported via the Student Disciplinary Procedure are relatively low, we are unable to discuss the specific figures of how many students have received each of these penalties, as this would potentially identify the students who were involved in these sensitive and confidential cases, and would be contrary to the principles of the Data Protection Act.

Defining a positive outcome

The University will ask the reporting student early on in the process what a positive outcome/resolution to their case would look like for them, advising them to look at the penalties available in order to manage expectations and allow them to understand what is within the University's scope.

Finding students guilty

The University will find a student guilty of misconduct if, on the evidence before it, it is satisfied on the balance of probabilities of the student’s guilt. This means that on the evidence available, the student’s guilt is more likely than not. This is different to the Police who find allegations to be upheld when there is evidence to prove the allegations 'beyond reasonable doubt'.

Withdrawals from the process

The University has found at times that when a reported student is contacted about the allegation of misconduct made against them -in order to allow them to respond- that student has then chosen to withdraw from the University. When this happens, it is important to note that if a reported student withdraws, the University cannot continue to pursue Disciplinary action against them.

Keeping a record

Where a reported student is found to have the allegations of misconduct brought against them to be upheld, details of the misconduct and the penalty imposed will be sent to the student’s Head of School. A record will also be made on the student’s central University file. The record will be kept on the student’s files and may be referred to for the purpose of references.

Working with external partners

In light of taking allegations of sexual misconduct seriously, the University has at times appointed a specialist external, impartial agency to conduct investigations into reports of very serious sexual misconduct. The University understands the value of being able to carry out thorough investigations, and as such we have appointed a specialist sexual misconduct, Student Casework Investigator who undertakes disciplinary investigations within the University.

Hopes for the future - creating a safe environment

Through the improvements we have made to the Disciplinary process specifically in relation to sexual misconduct cases, the University is hopeful that we will create an environment and community where we are clear that allegations of sexual misconduct which are raised to us, will be appropriately investigated and students will hopefully feel confident that they know their report will be dealt with in an a supportive, trauma-informed way.

Student Complaints Procedure

If reporting students are unhappy with the outcome of the Disciplinary case, they are able to make a complaint using the Student Complaints Procedure within 3 months of the outcome of the Disciplinary case.

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