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Talent – Bath Spa University
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We will identify
and develop talent

We will identify and develop talent wherever we find it, in our staff, our students and our partnerships and ensure that our culture is one of trust, known for nurturing potential.

We will focus on the personal growth and aspirations of our students, building their confidence and agency to meet local and global challenges through personal action.

We will support

Our students will thrive in their chosen career pathways and be equipped for the uncertainty and excitement of long and varied working lives.

We will develop a dynamic academic portfolio which ensures that students aspire to study with us, and contributes to their success after graduation.

We will ensure that we create the conditions for our staff to be confident and thriving individuals able to reach their full potential.

Our student journey

We will develop pathways for students from applicants to alumni, which focus on support, challenge, skills development and engagement. Our student experience will be characterised by:

  • Being inclusive, challenging, rich in opportunity and enabling
  • Focussing on support for wellbeing, and
  • Valuing every individual, ensuring that they realise their potential to use their talents for wider benefit.

What we will do, specifically...

  • We will provide an inclusive and supportive learning environment and space that will enable students to develop their own personal and academic toolkit that will equip them for the unknown.
    In this environment all are welcome and included, with their particular experiences and perspectives valued and shared.
  • We will provide opportunities for students to work beyond the University, and beyond their discipline. Risk-taking will be encouraged, to develop resourcefulness and confidence.
  • Our qualifications will be relevant, current, and co-created by students and staff, with inputs from employers and subject-bodies.
  • Our content will be research and practice led and agile in delivery, assessed in a flexible and appropriate manner to ensure that deep and original learning is recognised.
    It will build the skills that are needed beyond university and help students to develop the attitudes that will help them thrive after graduation.
  • We will ensure that there is an international perspective to all of our learning so that our students are global in their outlook, open to the possibilities of cultural diversity and at ease anywhere.

We will create an inclusive culture with a holistic approach to work and wellbeing.

Cheer squad carrying a guy in a striped shirt

Support and well-being

We'll work with students, their supporters and family to prepare them for the transition to university and in their learning journey through their qualification. Digital technology will enable access to services that are targeted, timely and personalised.

We'll work with external partners to ensure that our students can get help 24/7, wherever they are. Our sector-leading Bath Spa Student Wellbeing Services Hub will provide a welcoming physical space where students can access face-to-face physical and mental health support.

Wellbeing in a wider context will be supported by a wide range of activities and opportunities, focussed on the premium parts of our estate and will be available to students and staff.

Our students will be active and engaged, making full use of the grounds, facilities and societies across our campuses.

Our staff pledge

Our staff will feel part of a supportive and enabling community. Expectations will be clear and shared, with success across a wide range of activities being encouraged, recognised and celebrated.

Every member of staff will make a difference to our community and will be valued. We'll all live by our values of inclusivity, sustainability, respect and collaboration.

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